Sunday, 25 February 2018
Politics | ČTK

Unsuccessful Czech presidential candidate Pavel Fischer, who finished third in the January election, will run for the Senate as an independent in the Prague 12 ward in autumn, Fischer told journalists on Thursday. Fischer said he was conducting talks on possible political support, but he did not want to be the candidate of a only one party. Fischer said next week he would start collecting signatures for his candidacy.

National | ČTK

Three fifths of Czechs believe that the country's military is unable to resist an attack, a current poll of the CVVM polling agency has shown.



National | ČTK

The abuse of old records of the Czechoslovak StB secret service should be condemned, a group of signatories of the Charter 77 dissident manifesto said on Thursday, reacting to the recent accusation that British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn collaborated with the StB.

National | ČTK

Czech senior government officials as well as President Miloš Zeman made xenophobic statements about refugees and migrants last year, the Amnesty International (AI) organisation claims in its latest report on the state of human rights in the world released on Thursday.

National | ČTK

Seventy Chinese Christian asylum seekers have been rejected, eight have been granted asylum and 14 have withdrawn their applications and left the country, Czech Interior Minister Lubomír Metnar told Thursday's issue of daily Právo.

Prague | Prague TV

Prague City Hall will buy 30 new ambulances this year. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans will be delivered to the emergency services by the end of the year. The ambulance equipment resembles a mobile intensive care unit.

Prague | Prague TV

City Hall has decided to prepare a legislative proposal to help solve the taxi situation. At the same time, the city will ask taxi drivers to give up on the idea of the next planned protest. The exact form of the legislative initiative and when it will be ready was not decided.

Life | Brno Daily

Brno city councilors recommended a "by the river" option of the railway station on Tuesday. At the same time, they consider the "Petrov" alternative acceptable. Brno's municipal government will put the matter to vote on February 27.

Cinema | Prague TV

Steven Spielberg's new drama The Post takes us back to when The Washington Post published secret documents showing that the US government had long known that the war in Vietnam could not be won, and other revelations about often illegal activities.

Life | Radio Prague

Czech journalist and amateur photographer Petr Kubát bought his first professional camera in 2013 to take pictures of his new-born son. Within weeks he was hooked, moving from family pics to landscape and architecture photos.

Sport | CNN

The Czech Republic's first ever Olympic judo champion was already plotting his next move before he'd removed the gold medal from around his neck.