Sunday, 25 June 2017
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President Miloš Zeman "was furious" when Ivana Trump, the Czech-born ex-wife of U.S. President Donald Trump, told him that she would not become U.S. ambassador to Prague, although her former husband offered it to her, Zeman said in an interview on TV Barrandov last night.

National | Prague TV

Prague Police have found some 1,867 violations of noise regulations in the three weeks since a smoking ban has forced smokers on the street in front of pubs and restaurants. This is an increase of 400 over the previous year.



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Some of the recommendations the OECD has made for the Czech Republic to fight the bribery of foreign officials effectively are no surprise and Prague plans the respective steps on its own, the Justice Ministry and the Supreme State Attorney's Office (NSZ) said in reaction to the OECD yesterday.

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The Czech Republic, with its 100 illegal puppy mills that smuggle 50,000 dogs abroad a year, is an infamous leader in this respect, and the state plans a tough crackdown on these businesses, daily Mladá fronta Dnes (MfD) reported yesterday.

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Wages have started growing faster in the Czech Republic of late, which is a positive trend triggered by local car makers and quickly "infecting" more and more related companies, Luděk Vainert writes in Hospodářské noviny (HN) yesterday.

Life | Prague TV

Employers are required to provide workers with water in heat waves, according to the Czech Labor Code and the government's health regulations. Employers who don't comply face possible fines. Employers can also shorten or stagger work hours. Harder work can be move to later hours, and more breaks can be provided.

Life | Prague TV

Role reversal doesn't automatically make something funny. Rough Night tries to take a bachelorette party and make one of those guys-night-out-gone-wrong films, not unlike the Hangover series.

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The "Confessional" new web application enables people "to redeem themselves from their sins" by paying to charity, its author, Czech actor Jiří Mádl, whose company has launched it, has told reporters.