Monday, 6 April 2020
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The European Union's top court ruled on Thursday that Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic had broken the law by refusing to host refugees to help ease the burden on southern EU states such as Greece and Italy after a surge in migrant arrivals from 2015. The three ex-communist nations face no immediate penalty as the relocation of tens of thousands of people agreed by the EU was only envisaged until 2017.

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Prague City Councilor Hana Třeštíková and ticket portal GoOut have created a nationwide project to support theaters, concert halls, clubs, and artists closed due to the coronavirus outbreak. You can buy a symbolic ticket — for a non-existent show that will take place on May 1, a holiday of lovers. The event is intended primarily for cultural institutions that are private and receive most of their income from admission.



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A 3.5-minute video made by Petr Ludwig and Aneta Kernová encouraging other countries to don face masks, like the Czech Republic has in efforts to slow the spread of coronavirus, has been getting air time around the globe.

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The Czech Republic has decided to extend land border controls with Austria and Germany and air border controls which were set to expire on April 4, for another 20 days, as it estimates they are vital to combat the novel coronavirus crisis.

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First-grade enrollments began April 1st in the primary schools of the Czech Republic. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, however, the enrollments will be implemented without the children being present. All schools in the country have been closed as part of the state of emergency.

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The Czech government does not plan further restrictions to curb coronavirus but life in the country may only get back to normal in late May or June if the situation is under control, Prime Minister Andrej Babis said on Thursday.

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"Let's Clean Up the World, Let's Clean Up the Czech Republic" is a volunteer initiative working towards a cleaner environment in the Czech Republic and across the world. Unfortunately, the main clean-up event this year was cancelled due to coronavirus. Organizers are now encouraging volunteers to do their cleaning up by themselves, or with their families.

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Impacted like so many others by coronavirus-related restrictions, the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra has found a new way to reach audiences.

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The closure of schools and kindergartens, restricted movement in public and a shift to working from home (or home office) has created a new species: Homo Domesticus.

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This morning I rolled onto the terrace at 8 for a few minutes. Soon my fingers went numb and I psychologically prepared for the day. I thought to myself how I would rather sit out here and freeze rather than return to the chaos inside, but there was no choice in the matter.

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Tom Kotik is an artist and curator whose work often explores the intersection of sound and vision, as well as a musician with the band Sportsman's Paradise.

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