Saturday, 30 August 2014
Business | Radio Prague

A two-day Chinese Investment Forum has got underway at Prague Castle attended by over 500 Chinese and 700 Czech and other European delegates, including many senior politicians and businesspeople.

Life | The Prague Post

Key works from the pop art icon are at Old Town Square



National | Radio Prague

President Miloš Zeman has come out in support of a strong national supermarket chain which would favour Czech-made products and help local producers.

National | Radio Prague

The government has failed to reach a joint position on a ban on smoking in pubs and restaurants.

National | Radio Prague

The Social Affairs and Labour Ministry is drafting a proposed amendment to the law which should help the parents of twins, triplets and other multiples who are financially disadvantaged under the present system of state aid.

National | Radio Prague

Several dozen people have signed an internet petition requesting a presidential pardon for the nurse who is said to have performed euthanasia on a terminally ill patient.

Life | Radio Prague

Tour de Beer, Hula-hoop in Prague, Roast Sausage or River Valley Jogging Tour – these are just some of offers on a new website called Guidilo.