Thursday, 21 November 2019
Finance | Radio Prague

The Czech National Bank has unveiled a plan to issue several series of commemorative coins and banknotes between the years 2021 and 2025, reflecting important anniversaries in Czech history. Apart from silver and gold coins, the bank will also release Czech ducats for the first time ever. The first series of ducats is scheduled to be issued in 2023, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the first emission of the co-called Saint Wenceslas ducat.

National | Radio Prague

Prague police have asked the municipality for a green light to activate automatic facial recognition cameras at six locations. That's a red flag for some personal privacy advocates, who fear a Big Brother scenario. But law enforcement officials say an upgrade of the Czech capital's closed-circuit television system is overdue, and controls will be put in place to prevent any abuse.



National | Radio Prague

Czech prisons are crowded with people serving multiple sentences. According to a new survey carried out by Charles University's Faculty of Law, nearly fifty percent of prisoners in the Czech Republic are currently serving at least two sentences. The study also points out that many Czechs spend years behind bars for repeated petty criminal offences.

National | Business | Prague Daily Monitor

Czech Premier Andrej Babiš and the Minister of Defence Lubomír Metnar announced that the Czech Republic will take command of the EU training mission in Mali for six months during 2020. The commander of the operation is set to be the Director of the Agency for Communication and Information Systems Brigadier General František Ridzák.

Business | Prague Daily Monitor

The family brewery Bernard needs to expand its facilities in Humpolec on land it owns around the brewery. The city administration did not pass the resolution to rezone the designation on plan. The current zoning usage is residential, Bernard requested the zoning be changed to industrial.

Business | Real Estate | The Business Times

Bureaucratic hurdles have capped the flow of new apartments at a rate that's changed little in the last decade despite housing prices staying relentlessly high.

Prague | Prague Daily Monitor

The very unique, very large and perpetually for sale monastery has finally been sold in Smíchov. The Czech postal service, Česká pošta, has been trying to sell the property for years through an auction process. Finally, it was sold for CZK 353 million, which is indicative of the value assigned by an appraisal.

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The fairy tale Czech town could see a big boost in tourism numbers with the mention from the popular travel publication

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The barbed wire has vanished, but three decades on from the revolution, the "us/them" mindset still resonates with people on the Czech borderlands.

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An Asian-inspired Thanksgiving in a castle, a murder mystery, or a BBQ feast; Prague restaurants are going all out this year.

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Every year at the end of November, Brno comes alive with the magic of Christmas. Here you can find all the information you need to enjoy the festive winter months.