Wednesday, 1 October 2014
National | Radio Prague

The new US ambassador to Prague, Andrew Schapiro, says the Czech Republic should continue to increase its defence spending. After presenting his credentials to Czech President Miloš Zeman at Prague Castle, Mr. Schapiro said the Czechs were increasing their military spending to 1.4% of GDP; however, the NATO target is 2% and the US would like to see more progress in this direction.

Prague | Radio Prague

A major new road tunnel in Prague is set to go into trial operation on December 2, a city official said on Tuesday. The Blanka tunnel was originally meant to open in 2011 but the date was repeatedly put back.



Business | Radio Prague

The Czech Defence Ministry has announced plans to acquire a new anti-aircraft radar system to replace obsolete Soviet-era equipment. The ministry will pursue the acquisition independently, abandoning plans to develop a new air defence radar system together with Poland, Hungary and Slovakia.

National | Radio Prague

The Czech prime minister, Bohuslav Sobotka, says the European Union should consider easing sanctions against Russia if a truce in Eastern Ukraine remains in place and if Russian gas supplies to Ukraine are resumed before the winter.

Politics | Radio Prague

The Czech Republic's candidate for European commissioner, Věra Jourová, is set to stand down from her current post as minister for regional development on Friday. A spokesperson for President Miloš Zeman said he had already accepted her resignation.

National | Radio Prague

Businessman Ivo Rittig and other persons charged with asset-stripping the firm Oleo Chemical took a total of CZK 20 million out of the company, two newspapers reported on Tuesday, quoting the formal indictment.

National | Radio Prague

Twenty-five years ago, the West German Embassy in a normally quiet part of Prague's Malá Strana became a refuge for hundreds of East Germans, desperately trying to escape from communism.

Arts | Radio Prague

This summer, an off-Broadway theatre in New York put on a play about the actress Hana Pravda and the athlete Miloš Dobrý, two extraordinary Czech Jews living in Prague before WWII.

Arts | The Prague Post

The annual Strings of Autumn is about to start, and it is a bit different than most other music festivals in that it brings musicians in a variety of genres.

Arts | Radio Prague

An exhibition on the Fluxus art movement is set to get underway at the Czech National Gallery's Veletržní Palace modern art venue on Wednesday. Fluxus, which originated in New York, brought together artists, composers and designers.

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