Thursday, 31 July 2014
Business | Radio Prague

The Czech Republic's Export Bank and Slovakia's Eximbank are to sign an agreement on cooperation in supporting joint Czech and Slovak business ventures abroad. The agreement, which is to be signed in the Slovak capital Bratislava on Tuesday, aims to bolster the two countries' positions particularly on markets in the Far East where the now defunct label Made in Czechoslovakia still has a high brand awareness.

National | Radio Prague

Smoking in restaurants and pubs in the Czech Republic could become illegal from January 2016, under a bill being prepared by the Minister of Health, Svatopluk Němeček.



National | Radio Prague

The Ministry of Justice has turned down a pardon request from Jiří Kajínek, who is serving a life sentence for two counts of murder and one of attempted murder in 1993.

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"It bothers me that careerists are beginning to infiltrate among us”

Business | Radio Prague

The Czech government is to sign a deal with the South Korean company Hyundai Mobis on the construction of a four billion crown plant for the production of car headlights in Mošnov, north Moravia.

National | Radio Prague

A Czech-American team of scientists recently published findings in the prestigious journal Nature Geoscience, after discovering how unique landforms such as the Czech Republic's Pravčice Arch are created and how they withstand collapse.

Cinema | Radio Prague

The directorial debut of actor Miroslav Krobot, Díra u Hanušovic (Nowhere in Moravia), was the biggest film at the box office in the Czech Republic in the last week.

Life | Radio Prague

The City Gallery Prague has launched a panel exhibition by a statue of Jan Hus on the city's Old Town Square mapping the history and ongoing restoration of the large piece.

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AS Trenčín Grand Final which takes place at the Bohemian's Dolíček Stadium on Wednesday, 30 July 2014. from 17.30 onwards.