Friday, 22 May 2015
Business | Radio Prague

Czech search engine Seznam has shown in its 2014 results that it has fine-tuned the formula for extracting earnings from its core Internet activity and web servers. But questions are still raised whether its relatively small local market is not too much of a handicap. Seznam announced some impressive figures in its 2014 results on Wednesday. Turnover accelerated by 7.5%, twice the level of 2013, to total 3.129 billion crowns.

National | ČTK

A team headed by a Czech scientist will study the influence of insect on the forest vegetation on six continents within a project that has received a 92-million-crown grant from the European Research Council.



Politics | ČTK

The opposition TOP 09, Civic Democratic Party and Dawn movement will propose a special meeting of the Chamber of Deputies to express no-confidence in the Czech government over the support of biofuels.

National | ČTK

NATO has asked the Czech Republic to renew deployment of its JAS-39 Gripen supersonic fighters in surveillance mission of Icelandic airspace, defence ministry's spokesman told ČTK Thursday.

National | Radio Prague

A Czechoslovak refugee from World War II has willed all his assets to the US Department of Treasury, the Seattle Times daily wrote this week. A Seattle-based couple, Joan and Peter Petrasek, willed their entire estate of over 850,000 USD to "the United States of America".

Prague | Radio Prague

The historic building of the National Museum overlooking Wenceslas Square is undergoing a major renovation that is set to end in 2018. The museum has had to relocate thousands of exhibits and is using the time to create new collections and work on a modern, interactive presentation.

Business | The Wall Street Journal

The Czech Republic is reshaping its power market to give the government a bigger role, but a Brussels challenge may result on concerns the move breaches the European Union's rules while offering inroads for additional Russian influence.


Reflecting on 10 years of motherhood in the CZ

Life | The Prague Post

One of the most popular events of the year, Prague Museum Night always draws thousands of people to cultural sites across the city. Some 48 institutions with a total of 80 buildings are participating in this year's event.

Arts | The Prague Post

The National Theatre will present a new opera by composer Jan Klusák on the themes of the ancient story of Philoctetes as a part of the 70th International Prague Spring Music Festival.

Life | The Prague Post

One of the flagship projects of Pilsen 2015, the European Capital of Culture, is Hidden City, the unconventional guide to Plzeň, also known as Pilsen, that is an app filled with stories, memories and interesting encounters.

Life | ČTK

Public Czech Television, in coproduction with the French-German ARTE channel, has made a historical feature film trilogy on Czech thinker and church reformer Jan Hus that will be broadcast shortly before the 600th anniversary of martyr's death on May 29-31.