Saturday, 6 June 2020
Business | Radio Prague

The Czech Republic currently has the highest inflation rate in the entire European Union, with foodstuffs among the items that are shooting up in price. The latest figures from Eurostat, for April, show Czech inflation at 3.3%. However, the central bank governor says the level of inflation is not a major cause for concern, explaining that it reflects the fact the country also has the EU's lowest unemployment.

National | Prague Daily Monitor

UNYP Rector Dr. Andreas Antonopoulos, one of the Prague Monitor's longtime supporters and partners, writes about how to start or continue an American higher education degree during these hard-to-plan times. No foreign travel required!



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Free movement between the Czech Republic and Germany, Austria, and Hungary without the need for a negative COVID-19 test may be possible as soon as this weekend, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš told reporters in Karlovy Vary yesterday.

Politics | Brno Daily

Former Mayor of Brno Petr Vokral, who held the office for the ANO Movement from 2014 to 2018, has resigned unexpectedly from the party. He had been the movement's national Vice-Chair since 2015, and was expected to stand as the party's candidate for Governor of South Moravia later this year.

Prague | The Guardian

A replica of a historic statue of the Virgin Mary has been restored to the spot in Prague where a revolutionary mob tore down the original more than a century ago. Sculptor Petr Váňa installed his copy of 1652 original in Czech capital's Old Town Square yesterday.

Business | New Europe

The Czech Republic's coal commission is expected to join state-owned energy company ČEZ on June 5 to hold a ceremony marking the closure of the Prunerov I coal power plant at the end of June, Europe Beyond Coal said on June 4.

National | Radio Prague

The concept of international work camps is 100 years old. Every year several hundred foreign nationals come to the Czech Republic to participate in interesting projects in the field of renovation, environmental protection or community work, and hundreds of Czechs go abroad for the same purpose. But things will change a little bit this year.

Arts | Brno Daily

On Wednesday, Brno Museum (Muzeum města Brna) opened a new lapidarium at Spilberk Castle, situated in the castle's former water cisterns, which have found a new purpose after almost a century out of use.

Life | Radio Prague

A few years ago, archaeologists excavated the remains of a medieval church on a small hill in the middle of Slavkov Forest in western Bohemia. Since then the remains of the Church of St. Nicholas, dating back to the 13th century, have become one of the most visited local landmarks and a popular site for romantic weddings.

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This weekend sees the tenth annual weekend of Open Gardens. Visit one of these beautiful green spaces.