Wednesday, 18 September 2019
Business | Radio Prague

The Czech Academy of Sciences hosted a two day SOLAIR conference focused on ethics in the field of artificial intelligence last week. Prime Minister Andrej Babiš took this opportunity to reiterate his belief that artificial intelligence is a major opportunity for the Czech industry and the government is hoping to secure the establishment of an EU Centre of Excellence for AI in the country. He also said that with over 500 scientists specialised in artificial intelligence, the country has major potential in this area.

National | Radio Prague

Few people in the Czech Republic know that a significant chapter in the history of early Czech sound recordings was written by Czech immigrants in the United States. For several years now, Filip Šír from the National Museum in Prague has been searching for the lost recordings and the stories of the people behind them.



Business | New Europe

In an effort to increase energy security in the Czech Republic, the European Union is investing more than EUR 46 million from the European Regional Development Fund to modernise and extend the electricity substation of Kočín, southern Bohemia, Commission Vice-President for Energy Union Maroš Šefčovič said on 16 September.

National | Radio Prague

September 16th is not a day that IT specialist Ivo Raisr is likely to forget in a hurry. His regular morning trip to work by bus turned into a near-disaster and he himself made the prime time news as hero-of-the-day. Police and paramedics say his level-headed action in a crisis saved many lives.

Prague |

People renting out flats in Prague via Airbnb or similar services have been storing keys in small combination safes chained to municipal light poles. The city has started removing the key safes, as attaching anything to the poles is illegal.

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Czech teachers are overloaded compared to their colleagues in other European countries, according to newly released statistics by the Pedagogical Chamber. The data shows that while the number of students in the Czech Republic is growing, the number of teachers is not — and the high number of children in the classroom is leading to widespread burnout among Czech educators.

Business | Czech Development Agency

As a result of the emergence of self-proclaimed republics in eastern Ukraine, the universities have been evacuated from this territory. The same was true of the Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture. With the help of the Czech Development Agency (CzDA), a new school building has been renovated and made available for students.

Arts | Prague TV

Lunchmeat Festival returns to Prague at the end of September as the leading arena for cutting-edge electronic music and with more audio-visual punch than ever before.

Arts | Brno Daily

The opening concert, to be held from 7pm at the Babylon cultural centre, will feature piano virtuoso Elisabeth Leonskaja. She will perform Bartók's Piano Concerto No. 3 with a brilliant solo part.

Life | Radio Prague

Brno's Martin Reiner is an award-winning poet and novelist. He also works closely with some of the Czech Republic's other leading writers as head of the publishing house Druhé město (Second City). His tour of Brno begins in the tree-lined district where Reiner grew up, Černá Pole.

Arts | Brno Daily

Vítězslava Kaprálová (1915-40) was among the most promising Czech composers of her generation. Accomplishments of her short life have been overlooked, but the last ten years has seen a renewed interest in both her work and her fascinating character.