Monday, 25 July 2016
National | ČTK

The FEI Czech Republic producer of electron microscopes has presented its new, patented unique technology of 3D reconstruction of samples, which speeds up the examination of biological samples, including in hospitals where it can help treat tumours and other diseases, FEI said on Friday. The scanning electron microscope is used to study the surface of samples by means of a beam of electrons.

National | Radio Prague

Czechoslovak RAF veteran and one of the country's last remaining war heroes, General Emil Boček, took to the skies in a Spitfire on Thursday more than seven decades after his last flight in the iconic plane.



Politics | ČTK

Lower house deputy Kristýna Zelienková is leaving the ANO movement because of the Čapí hnízdo case, a lack of standard discussion in the party, and her disapproval of the politics that ANO pursued in the town where she lived, she said on Sunday.

National | ČTK

A Czech woman who killed a randomly chosen customer in a Tesco store in Prague a few hours after her release from a mental clinic on Thursday was undergoing sex change which probably increased her aggressiveness, Mladá fronta Dnes reported.

Prague | ČTK

The royal burial chamber in the underground area of the St Vitus Cathedral at Prague Castle has been reopened after reconstruction works that lasted four months and cost about CZK 6 million.

Business | Radio Prague

The Czech film industry is on the rebound. After playing second fiddle to foreign productions for years, Czech films are now attracting a record number of cinema goers and helping to raise profits.

National | ČTK

An animal rescue station near Temelín has gained 60 sousliks from Slovakia that will be, with their young, released into the wild in the Czech Republic, where this rodent is an endangered species.

Life | Prague TV

A cheap way to find vintage items is by exploring the city's second-hand stalls

Life | Prague TV

A guide to some of Prague's expat-friendly kindergartens

Life | Prague TV

Several plaques mark places where the famous scientist lived, worked and played the violin

Sport | Radio Prague

Czech cyclist Roman Kreuziger ended ninth in the Tour de France on Sunday, his fourth top 10 placement.