Friday, 31 July 2015
Politics | Radio Prague

The Czech coalition government has moved to tighten the rules for the financing of political parties. The proposed measures include a 3 million crown ceiling on donations from individual sponsors and a cap on the amount of money that parties can spend on election campaigns. The draft bill also envisages the setting up of an independent body which would supervise the financing of political parties.

Life | Radio Prague

A team doing research at the former Terezín concentration camp in north Bohemia have just presented remarkable findings in the form of previously undocumented inscriptions made by Jewish prisoners in the walls of the fortress.



National | ČTK

Around 50 to 60 immigrants attempted to flee a Czech facility for refugees in Bělá pod Bezdězem on Thursday damaging two small gates, but they did not succeed in leaving the premises.

Prague | Radio Prague

A fire in a family home in the Ořechovka neighbourhood in Střešovice, Prague, claimed the lives of two elderly women, aged 87 and 92, early Thursday morning. The Czech News Agency reported the women who died may have been renowned former opera soprano Ludmila Dvořáková and her sister Květoslava.

Prague | The Prague Post

Direct flights between Beijing and Prague will start Sept. 23. The 7, 471 km flights will take place three times a week using a Boeing 767 with a seating capacity for 233 passengers, with 34 in business class.

Business | Prague Connect

Have you ever met someone who simply radiates an internal light? Just being in their presence makes you feel special. They seem to be filled with a constant sense of gratitude and are more often than not driven with a need to serve others. They brighten up your day and make you feel alive.

National | ČTK

Rudi Schlattner has uncovered property that his ethnic German family hid in the attic of their house in Libouchec near Ústí nad Labem before they had to leave it 70 years ago.

Life | Radio Prague

The Dvůr Králové Zoo which is known for its valiant efforts to try to save the Northern White Rhino, has a new attraction. This month it opened a lion safari – the only one of its kind in central and eastern Europe.

Life | ČTK

The trial of former Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky has inspired curator Anton Litvin to stage an exhibition called Trial that was inaugurated in the Prague centre DOX on Thursday.

Life | Real Estate | Prague TV

If you are either a tenant or a landlord in Czech Republic, here are some little-known facts about the new Civil Code governing rental contracts which came into effect from 01/2014.

Opinion | ČTK

Former minister David Rath, whom a court sentenced to prison for corruption a week ago, is a political child of the first wave of the anti-corruption revolution in the Czech Republic, Stanislav Balík writes in the weekly Reflex.