Monday, 16 January 2017
National | Toronto Star/AP

A new Czech unit to combat fake news is preparing to combat disinformation campaigns ahead of two key elections, an official said on Friday. Eva Romancovova, who co-ordinated the creation of the Center Against Terrorism and Hybrid Threats at the Interior Ministry, said it has been working on "a fairly large project to protect the upcoming elections in the Czech Republic."

Prague | Prague TV

A sister event to the Women's March on Washington, the Love Trumps Hate rally will take place Jan. 21 from noon to 2 pm in Prague's Wenceslas Square near the statue of St Wenceslas. The rally happens on the first day of the new term of US President-elect Donald Trump, a Republican who won the most electoral votes in the federal election system, but had less popular support among those who voted than his main rival.



National | ČTK

The Interior Ministry's proposal for strengthening the rights to use legally possessed arms to ensure the country's security is absurd and weird, Justice Minister Robert Pelikán said on Sunday.

National | ČTK

The roof of a new sports arena in Česká Třebová collapsed during a floorball tournament on Saturday, but no one was seriously injured in the accident. There were some 80 people in the arena.

Business | Radio Prague

The Czech agency for boosting exports and two-way trade, CzechTrade, has opened an office in the biggest economy in Africa, Nigeria.

Business | Prague TV

To get a local perspective on how to file taxes from the Czech Republic, Prague TV spoke with Peter Piater, a tax accountant at the Prague-based firm Expat Taxes, to clarify frequently asked questions about the requirements of the US income tax system.

Business | Prague Leadership Institute

Thinking about our purpose in life can be truly overwhelming. Where does one begin--with family? Close friends? What about society? How about your profession? Here is a quote which addresses all these questions and puts into perspective much of what a meaningful life is all about.

Arts | Prague TV

Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox, which shot to fame with videos on YouTube, will be coming to Lucerna Velký sál on March 26. Bradlee describes Postmodern Jukebox as a new type of entertainment that is not a band or a Broadway show.

Arts | Prague TV

Comedian Dave Johns is coming to Prague for a live comedy show Jan. 31 at kino Světozor. It is an actual live appearance on stage by Dave Johns in person in Prague, and not a streamed video of a live show taking place somewhere else.

Arts | Radio Prague

Czech Games Edition is a small but internationally-respected firm which has published very well-known original board game designs, some of them in as many as 12 languages. CGE's newest release was Adrenaline, a game pitting futuristic combatants against each other in a tight arena of rooms.

Life | Radio Prague

When the translator Ewald Osers died five years ago, it marked the end of an era. From 1938 until his death, Osers lived in England, where he translated much of the best twentieth century Czech prose and poetry into English.

Cinema | ČTK

Czech cinemas attracted 14 million visitors in 2016, the highest number since 2010 with 13.5 million people, and the sales at CZK 1.8 billion also beat the previous record of CZK 1.49 billion in 2010, Hospodářské noviny reported.