Sunday, 8 December 2019
Business | Prague Daily Monitor

It took ten years but the military has finally managed to sign the agreement to acquire eight new mobile radar units EL/M-2084 from the Israeli company Elta System's Iron Dome series. The contract is worth CZK 3.5 billion for the actual units with another CZK 2.5 billion for service and maintenance. The contract ran into some issues when Czech command was solving the question of the radar systems compatibility and inter-connectability with NATO technology.

National | Prague Daily Monitor

Another series of protests organized by the Million Moments Movement is set to take place next Tuesday in Prague and the following week outside the capital. This is in reaction to recent European Commission audit results pertaining to PM Andrej Babis and Agrofert, and some talk about renewed criminal proceedings around the famous "Čapí hnízdo" case.



National | The Epoch Times

Five political parties have raised serious concerns about the persecution of dissidents and religious or ethnic minorities in China at the plenary session of Czech parliament's Chamber of Deputies. They also want to discuss the results of an independent people's tribunal in London, which confirmed the Chinese regime was killing prisoners of conscience en masse for their organs for transplant.

National | Radio Prague

One of the Czech Republic's best-known earliest promoters of legalising marijuana and promoting its medicinal use has been sentenced to three years in prison. It is something of a cause célèbre among civil liberties groups and those battling big pharma's monopoly on the dispensing of medical marijuana.

National | Prague Daily Monitor

A man walked into a petrol station in Liberec - Krásná Studánka on Wednesday, holding up a machete and demanding the cash from the register. He got what he came for and left peacefully. The masked man remains unidentified, police are asking the public for any information which could lead to the capture of the suspect.

Business | Radio Prague

The Czech Republic is seventh in Europe when it comes to using wearable transactions, such as contactless payment bracelets, watches and rings, suggests a survey carried out by Mastercard.

National | Radio Prague

The National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library in Cedar Rapids tells the story of Czechs and Slovaks in peace-time, under oppression and in the turmoil of war, bringing back memories to those who remember and sharing the story with those for whom it is entirely new.

Arts | Prague Daily Monitor

Last Friday we ran the story of Daniel Zappi, the British contestant, singer-songwriter, and finalist in the Česko Slovensko má talent show. The program airs live on Saturday at 20:20 on television channel Prima.

Life | Radio Prague

A new exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London brings together fifteen diverse cars to explore how the automobile accelerated the pace of change over the past century and the impact it had on the broader world, from visual culture to climate change. One of the cars selected for the show is the legendary Tatra 77.

Arts | Brno Daily

Though it is nine months away, tickets have gone on sale for Janáček Brno 2020, the seventh international opera and music festival that bears the name of Leoš Janáček, one of our city's most famous residents.