Tuesday, 20 November 2018
Sport | FAI

Martin Šonka has won the 2018 Red Bull Air Race World Championship following a nail-biting final race in Fort Worth, Texas. The pressure could not have been higher for the Czech pilot, who was last to fly and had to win the race to win the overall Championship. "This race was incredible. It couldn't end up better than this," he said. "It was a beautiful race with everything in it." Šonka was one of the favourites to win, but as he entered the final leg of the race the points spread meant any one of three pilots could win and take the World Championship title.

National | The Irish Times

Thousands of Czechs have protested against their prime minister, Andrej Babiš, and urged him to resign over a string of scandals, including claims from his son that he was forced to leave the country to avoid questioning in a fraud case.



National | Prague Daily Monitor

The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute issued an ice and snow warning for the country for Sunday night and Monday morning, and warned citizens to pay attention to frozen road surfaces.

National | Radio Prague

Former Communist-era secret police lieutenant Ladislav Mácha, ultimately held responsible for the torture and death of Catholic priest Josef Toufar in 1950, died a free man some weeks ago. His passing went largely unnoticed until a makeshift memorial to Mácha's most famous victim appeared on the pavement outside his Prague home.

Prague | Prague TV

A new pond called Terezka has been created in Obora Hvězda in Prague 6. It is currently being filled with water. Work on its construction began last winter and ended in the past few weeks.

Business | Prague Daily Monitor

The Volkswagen (VW) group announced that production of their premier VW Passat model would move to the Czech Republic by 2023. The Passat will be produced at the Kvasiny plant along with the Skoda Superb and Skoda Kodiaq – cars it shares the same platform with.

Business | Prague Leadership Institute

"The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary." The first time I heard this wonderful maxim, I was a young salesman and my boss was trying to impress upon me the importance of discipline and structure in how you approached things.

Life | Prague TV

The International Women's Association of Prague (IWAP) holds their ninth annual Christmas Market on Saturday, Dec. 8 at the Hotel International.

Life | Prague TV

You can get a glimpse of what Christmas was like in Czechoslovakia in the 1970s and '80s at the new exhibit called Retro zima za socíku (Retro Winter Under Socialism) on three floors of the Dancing House Gallery.

Arts | Prague TV

Jazz and blues crooner Michael Bublé will be at Prague's O2 Arena on Sept. 17. The concert will likely feature songs from his new album, Love, which was just released Nov 16.