Thursday, 19 July 2018
Politics | ČTK

Labour and Social Affairs Minister Petr Krčál said he has handed in his resignation to ČSSD head Jan Hamáček over plagiarism allegations, which Hamáček accepted and proposed Labour Ministry senior official Jana Maláčová for Krčál's successor. On Monday, news site Seznam reported that the thesis Krčál defended at the Baťa University in Zlín in May 2007 contained a number of pages evidently copying older texts by other authors.

Prague | ČTK

Two floors collapsed in a building under reconstruction in Mikulandská street in the centre of Prague Tuesday morning, burying several people, three of whom have been found with severe injuries and rescued by firemen.



National | Radio Prague

Extreme weather conditions, such as the current droughts, are likely to become a regular feature in the Czech Republic in the future. But scientists say the Czech government is not doing enough to address the problem.

National | Radio Prague

Czech politicians have welcomed the Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki, with Prime Minister Babiš calling it a breakthrough in bilateral relations that will open dialogue on many burning issues. However political analysts predict that the new relationship may bring trying times for Europe.

National | Prague TV

The National Library will remain in the Klementinum, and not move to new building such as the proposed controversial Blob.

National | ČTK

The Jan Patocka Archive will gain the broadcasting rights for the only existing TV recordings with Jan Patočka, the late Czech thinker and dissident, from the Prague-seated French Institute that will pay for them to the French National Audiovisual Institute, the French embassy said on Tuesday.

National | Brno Daily

At a Brno City Council meeting this week, councillors selected a contractor to carry out a technical study of the construction of Komárov Velodrom. The contractor they selected was Arch.Design, Ltd., which submitted the lowest bid price of CZK 1,950,000.

Cinema | Prague TV

Prague's kino Aero in Žižkov is showing four films by former Monty Python member Terry Gilliam on July 18 and 19. The festival includes his new film The Man Who Killed Don Quixote plus three classic cult films.

National | ČTK

Sculptor Michal Trpák is creating the first "habitable statue" in the Czech Republic, an organically shaped building that will serve as an annex to a dental surgery and a lab in České Budějovice.

Life | Prague TV

Experts are warning people to beware of ticks both when traveling in the Czech Republic and when going to neighboring countries. Tick infestation is high in the Czech Republic, and they can be carriers for several diseases.

Life | Radio Prague

One of the Czech Republic's biggest music festivals got underway and will run until Saturday. Artists appearing at the festival, which takes place at a former steel works in the eastern city, include NERD, Grace Jones, George Ezra and Jessie J.