Saturday, 24 October 2020
Czech Republic and the EU | Politico

The European Commission sent 30 ventilators from its rescEU stockpile Thursday to the Czech Republic as it struggles with the worst rate of coronavirus infections in Europe. "Czechia is facing one of the most difficult situations in Europe right now," as cases are "rising rapidly," Commission President Ursula von der Leyen wrote in a press release. The country "needs medical equipment to treat patients in hospitals."

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"Catastrophic", "alarming", "dramatic", those are just some of the adjectives used to describe the deepening coronavirus crisis. Why has the Czech Republic, which was deemed exemplary in the first wave of the pandemic, lost control and what will it take for people to start taking the coronavirus threat seriously? Read an interview with sociologist Jan Hartl.



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The Czech Republic's coronavirus crisis is now so bad that when Prime Minister Andrej Babis stood in front of reporters during a live news conference Wednesday, he did something few leaders often do. He apologized to the people. Five times.

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Some of the Czech top government officials do not expect the epidemiological situation in the country to improve by the 3rd of November – the proposed date of the end of the state of emergency. Jan Hamáček, the Minister of the Interior, suggested that it is highly unlikely that the state of emergency will be abandoned in the following weeks.

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The crisis surrounding Covid-19 is likely to cause the Czech economy to contract by around 8.5 percent this year, according to economists cited by the Czech News Agency. Prior to the current, second wave of the virus, a fall in gross domestic product of 6.5 to 7 percent had been forecast.

National | Radio Prague

Communist Party MP Jiří Dolejš is demanding the Czech Army's planned budget to be cut by CZK 10 billion, and the savings put into an emergency reserve fund. He has signalled that otherwise the minority government, which relies on Communist support, could be in for a heated battle over the 2021 state budget.

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Opposition to the desegregation of Czech schools is being used by extremist politicians to attract mainstream voters, including the middle class who worry about the effect on their children from the inclusive policy.

Life | Prague Daily Monitor

The clock will be moved one hour back on October 25, at 3:00 a.m., making the night one hour longer. The Czech Republic and most of the European countries are changing to wintertime.

Life | Brno Daily

With regard to the epidemic situation, this Christmas in Brno will be different from what visitors have been used to in previous years, but it won't completely lose its magic.

Life | Brno Daily

The voluntary cooperation of municipalities on the Brno–Vienna Cycling Trail replaced the missing signposts on the Austrian section of the Brno–Vienna international cycle path, from Laa an der Thaya to Mistelbach.