Thursday, 30 July 2015
Business | Radio Prague

New legislation will make it impossible for companies to use suggestive logos or slogans designating "Czech quality" in foodstuffs which by and large are produced elsewhere, news website iDnes reports. Instead, one logo – a picture of the Czech flag underlined by the words 'Česká potravina' – will be available for use by companies that meet the necessary requirements.

Business | ESM

Following the launch of a new project, Czech mushroom-pickers will be able to transform their activity into money. South Bohemian organisation České houby (Czech Mushrooms) is currently buying up their finds and bringing them to Czech supermarkets, according to Radio Prague.



Politics | ČTK

ANO are considering having their electoral candidates for the 2016 regional elections to undergo psychological tests in order to learn about their loyalty in reaction to problems with rebels in local branches, Hospodářské noviny wrote Wednesday.

Business | Radio Prague

Tighter rules on the gaming industry were approved Wednesday by the Czech Cabinet. The proposed measures include giving local council greater power over opening hours, including an obligatory closing period during the night, and higher taxes on companies.

National | Radio Prague

Bonus payments to top ministry officials have risen sharply in the first half of 2015 compared with the same period a year earlier, Czech Radio reported on Wednesday. Total bonuses rose by around CZK 65 million to reach almost CZK 220 million.

Business | Radio Prague

Designer Anna Marešová first made headlines several years ago when her sex toys won the main National Student Design Award. Since, she has gone professional. Just recently she oversaw a crowdfunding campaign which raised almost 40,000 US dollars for the product line.

National | Radio Prague

Former Czech member of the European Parliament and diplomat Jana Hybášková has been confirmed as the European Union's new ambassador to Namibia.

National | Radio Prague

The Czech Post office is preparing to rush out a special edition of stamps in honour of Sir Nicholas Winton, who organised transports of 669, mostly Jewish children, out of Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia before the outbreak of WWII.

Life | ČTK

A silver gibbon young was born in Prague's zoological garden Tuesday night being the first offspring of the most endangered primate born in the Czech Republic.

Cinema | The Prague Post

The feature-length debut of the director Olzo Omerzu, Family Film (Rodinný film), was selected for the official program of San Sebastian International Film Festival, which takes place Sept. 18–26.

Arts | Opus Osm

He was another of many Czech composers highly respected throughout Europe – and whom almost no one has heard of today. But you can hear Leopold Koželuh's music live in a rare September concert.

Life | Prague TV

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