Thursday, 20 June 2019
Politics | Radio Prague

The mainstream opposition parties in the lower house are pushing anew for a vote of no-confidence in the Babiš gov't, over the PM's alleged conflict of interest outlined by Brussels regarding the distribution of EU funds. They say that even if unable to muster the necessary numbers to bring down the administration, the vote would have great symbolic "moral" value. "Every MP must clearly say whether or not they have confidence in this government and this prime minister," said KDU-ČSL chairman Marek Výborný.

Prague | Radio Prague

Plans were recently revealed for a major, and striking looking, development project that would transform part of Prague's Žižkov district. However, a conservation group has now come out against the design, which is the work of the top Czech architect Eva Jiřičná.



Prague |

Within the next 30 years, the Czech Republic's capital city of Prague could be entirely free of carbon dioxide emissions if local officials are able to agree upon a revolutionary plan.

Business | Brno Daily

Czech mobile operator T-Mobile has announced an 30-day unlimited data package, a first for the Czech market, available for the summer only. The offer will be valid from 20th June until midnight on 31st August, when it will automatically expire. Other operators are expected to follow with similar offers.

Business | Transitions Online

The ongoing Czech beer week in London is part of a long-brewed plan, taking beermaking from a medieval craft to a quality niche export sector.

Business | Emerging Europe

Polish and Czech cities lead the way in the first Emerging Europe Business-Friendly City Perception Survey, a major new survey looking at the business environment in the region’s key cities. Prague ranked first in Quality of Life and Infrastructure and Connectivity.

Business | Real Estate | Prague Daily Monitor

How is it that Airbnb is worth more than most if not all hotel chains, despite only being in existence less than 20 years? Some people call it the Uber of the travel industry. Whatever you think, it is clear that the world is changing and things will never be the same.

Arts | Prague TV

The Czech Philharmonic will close the season with an open air concert on Hradčany Square. The US string trio Time for Three will also play. The show starts at 8pm.

Arts | Brno Daily

A program of Italian and Czech operas will be staged in Brno's leading historic and cultural venue with its great atmosphere and pin-sharp acoustics.

Prague | Prague Daily Monitor

Prague is green, safe, affordable, but people here could be more kind and friendly. Three study abroad students share what they think about life in Prague.

Life | Brno Daily

Sightings of the brown bear in the South Moravian region were first reported last week. The creature's presence was confirmed by the claims of several witnesses, and was seen through various nature camera.