Sunday, 15 December 2019
National | Prague Daily Monitor

For the first nine months of 2019 the population of Czechia climbed to 10.68 million; increasing about 31,400 people during 2019. Although a modern era record, it is still much lower than the record high 11.16 million residents reached in the 1940 census. Immigration continues to be the main driver of population growth with Ukrainian citizens claiming the top spot for total number of immigrants.

Business | Radio Prague

Czechs are spending increasing amounts of money on Christmas, according to a survey carried out by the agency Nielsen Admosphere. The average amount Czechs will spend on Christmas shopping this year is CZK 12,297, which is CZK 1,310 more than last year.



National | Prague Daily Monitor

Prague has won the headquarters of the European Union Agency for the Space Program (EUSPA). It will join the Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency (GSA) headquartered in Prague 7. The expansion will swell the staff required from 100 currently, to 700 employees.

Business | Department of Defense

Defense Secretary Dr. Mark T. Esper and Czech Defense Minister Lubomir Metnar met at the Pentagon to finalize the sale of eight UH-1Y Venom utility helicopters and four AH-1Z Viper attack helicopters.

Business | EU Observer

Czech PM Andrej Babiš said on Thursday that achieving climate neutrality "without nuclear is not possible" for his country. "Nuclear energy is clean energy, I don't know why a lot of countries have a problem with it," he said at the EU summit. Babiš also questioned EU's efforts to globally tackle climate change, since countries such as China and the USA are not on board.

National | Radio Prague

The danger of cyber-attacks on key infrastructure was made clear in the Czech Republic on Wednesday, when one left a small-town hospital largely immobilised, forcing staff to move some patients to other facilities. But what kind of attack was it? And can such threats place lives in genuine danger?

National | Radio Prague

The deadly attack in Ostrava's university hospital in which a gunman killed six people and injured three others on Tuesday, shocked the nation and opened up many questions regarding security around so-called "soft targets". Former Czech Military Intelligence chief Andor Šándor elaborates on what more can be done to increase security in Czech hospitals.

Prague | Prague Daily Monitor

The Tazmanian Devil, which should be the highlight of the new Tasmania and Australia exhibit opening at the Prague Zoo in March, arrived in the city last week and is acclimating. The exhibit design was inspired by the meteor which recently crashed in Tazmania.

Life | UniMedia

Martin Neudörfl, a Czech student from the town of Český Krumlov, has embarked on documenting the exotic language of the island of Sark and revitalizing it. He even plans to teach the language in a local elementary school.

Arts | Prague TV

Cymbalo player and singer Zuzana Lapčíková is currently one of the most outstanding personalities of Moravian folk music, now performing in a project with some of the best jazz musicians on the Czech scene.