Saturday, 11 July 2020
Business | Bloomberg

The Czech Republic's billionaire prime minister is turning the coronavirus crisis into an opportunity to roll out an investment firehose he's been dreaming about since taking power. Andrej Babis has overseen one of Europe's most successful campaigns to overcome the initial wave of Covid-19. Now he's trying to pull the economy out of recession before the economic fallout risks undermining his popularity before 2021 elections.

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One of the largest outdoor paintings in the world has been created at Václav Havel Airport Prague. The large-format mural called Kosmos occupies a total area of 5,250 square meters and was created in 23 days.



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Both England and Scotland will no longer require a mandatory 14-day quarantine for incoming residents of the Czech Republic as of this Friday, July 10, officials from both countries have announced.

Business | Reuters

A third of Czech companies expect orders to drop by 20-40% over the next two months as they continue to feel the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, although they are not yet planning massive layoffs, an Industry Confederation survey showed on Thursday.

Business | Radio Prague

Czech breweries are counting the costs of the coronavirus crisis. During the state of emergency which closed some 50,000 pubs around the country, beer consumption took a dive and although the government-imposed restrictions have now been lifted, the pace of recovery is slow.

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Prices for flats in the Czech Republic increased in the first three months of 2020. Prague had the highest prices per square meter and the largest number of transactions. The Czech capital, however, did not see the largest year-on-year jump in prices.

Arts | Radio Prague

Instead of the Czech Republic’s biggest music festival, Colours of Ostrava, which is cancelled because of Covid-19, its operators are running a four-day "Nonfestival" at the same post-industrial site next week.

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Support local academics and tour guides by exploring one of Prague's most stunning landmarks for less this summer. The new Beer & Baroque Highbrow Brew Tour takes visitors behind the scenes of two extraordinary local monasteries with famous breweries, both located on the scenic 22 tram line.

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Craft beer birthday, new summer cinema, and an island picnic