Friday, 22 March 2019
Finance | Radio Prague

The Labour and Social Affairs Ministry on Monday announced its plan to increase the total parental leave benefit from 220,000 to 300,000 crowns. Despite the increase, the real value of the allowance will be lower than twelve years ago, Czech Radio's data journalism team reported on Wednesday. Daniel Prokop, sociologist from the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University says one solution to problem would be an inflation adjustment of parental benefit allowance.

Cinema | Radio Prague

Prague's biggest movie event, Febiofest, kicks off on Thursday. Now in its 26th year, the festival gives many movies set for local cinema distribution their first screenings but also showcases scores of works that film buffs would otherwise have trouble tracking down.



Czech Republic and the EU | Prague TV

Some 40 groups have submitted lists of candidates to the Czech Interior Ministry for the upcoming elections to European Parliament. The legal deadline for filing has passed, but if a filing was made before the deadline but not yet received at the ministry's main office, the number could increase.

National | Business | Prague Daily Monitor

The Senate in a secret ballot, on Wednesday, chose not to approve Charles University Vice Rector and Law Professor Ales Gerloch's nomination to the Constitutional Court. Gerloch received only 19 out of 64 votes cast and his nomination failed.

Prague | Prague TV

Prague's buses may soon end making stops where nobody gets on or off. Ropid, the organizer of Prague's transit system, has proposed a plan calling for all bus stops to be "na znamení," meaning people have to signal the driver ahead of time by pushing a button.

National | Business | Prague Daily Monitor

Tereza Hluskova who was arrested at Lahore airport, while attempting to smuggle out nine kilograms of heroin, in January 2018, was sentenced by a Pakistani court on Wednesday. She will spend eight years and eight months in prison near Lahore, and in addition, will have to pay a fine of 113,000 Pakistani Rupees.

Business | Prague TV

People have become increasingly concerned about the origin of the meat they eat. A small farm called Kukburg - Farm to Table, located near Prague just outside the city of Černošice, offers beef and lamb grown in a sustainable manner.

Arts | Prague TV

The Prague Fringe festival is gearing up to start its 18th edition, and has just launched its full schedule. The festival runs for nine days between May 24 and June 1, with a total of 242 performances.

Life | Radio Prague

More than eleven centuries after the fall of the Great Moravian Empire, there are still direct descendants from the Slavic noblemen living among us.

Life | Radio Prague

A team of Czech anthropologists has reconstructed the face of one of the country's patron saints, John of Nepomuk, using recorded details of his skull. The resulting face is quite different from the image commonly used until now.