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Poll: Czechs tolerate alcohol, painkillers, tobacco

30 June 2015

Prague, June 29 (CTK) - Most Czechs consider occasional consumption of alcohol, painkillers and tobacco morally acceptable, rejecting various drugs, according to a poll conducted by the CVVM polling station and released Monday.

One-third of Czechs are of the view that regular use of tobacco is acceptable.

A crushing majority of Czechs reject the consumption of ecstasy, pervitine (methamphetamine or crystal) and heroin.

The view that occasional consumption of alcohol is morally acceptable is held by 87 percent of Czechs, in the case of painkillers by 85 percent and tobacco by 74 percent.

Some 32 percent of Czechs believe that regular consumption of tobacco is acceptable.

Czechs are divided over the use of cannabis drugs such as marihuana and hashish.

One half of them say it is morally acceptable to at least try them and one-fourth tolerates their occasional consumption.

Some 47 percent of Czechs reject any consumption of cannabis drugs.

About 85 percent of Czechs are against any consumption of ecstasy, heroin and pervitine.

Men, young people and Praguers tend to be more tolerant of the use of narcotics than the rest.

Most Czechs also agree with the view that the painkillers, alcohol and tobacco only pose a health risk if regularly used.

One-third say a mere trying of cannabis drugs poses a health risk.

When it comes to the hard drugs, the view is held by 70 percent of Czechs.

The poll was conducted on a sample of 1,043 Czechs from May 11 to 18.

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