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Babiš: Greece belongs neither to euro zone nor Schengen

16 December 2015

Bratislava, Dec 15 (CTK) - Greece belongs neither to the euro zone nor to the Schengen area of free movement of persons, Czech Finance Minister and ANO head Andrej Babis said at a discussion forum staged by the Slovak daily Hospodarske noviny (HN) on Tuesday.

"Greece belongs neither to the euro zone nor Schengen. It is in both systems by mistake because the whole EU project has been politicised," portal quoted Babis as saying.

He said the strongly-indebted Greece that previously agreed on a new bailout programme with international creditors does not have a chance of repaying its debts.

"It is clear that the Greek debt is unpayable. The notion that it will sometimes repay it is unfeasible. If Europe functions like this, it will perish," Babis said.

Greek Finance Minister Euklidis Tsakalotos said last week Greece and its international creditors have agreed on a set of further reforms that are a condition for the release of one billion euros from the international bailout programme for the country totalling 86 billion euros.

Greece is one of three EU member countries against which the European Commission has formally started proceedings over their alleged failure to fulfil the duty to duly register migrants.

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