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Extremists release PM' s e-mails

11 January 2016

Prague, Jan 10 (CTK) - The White Media extremist website has released further e-mail from Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka's (Social Democrats, CSSD) private account yesterday.
Moreover, extremists are threatening on their website to release the whole content of Sobotka's e-mail correspondence.
They also claim Sobotka sent a classified document to his private e-mail account, which he denied via his spokesman.
"No material in a classified regime has ever been sent to the prime minister's [private] e-mail," government spokesman Martin Ayrer wrote to CTK yesterday.
The Interior Ministry considers the threats of hackers an attack on democratic system.
In a press release, the ministry says extremists are grossly manipulating facts in an attempt to make an impression that the PM has received classified documents to his private e-mail address.
The ministry has enough clear evidence in this case that it has already submitted to the police, its spokeswoman Lucie Novakova said.
"If someone of us is arrested or if you arrange that our website be abolished, the complete content of Sobotka's e-mail account will be released to the public," the website writes.
"Besides, hackers would declare a total war on you then. You will not halt the national revolution and a radical revenge will follow any persecution of nationalists," the extremists' short release says.
Hackers released the first part of Sobotka' e-mails this week.
Sobotka did not confirm their genuine character, but some people from his surroundings did so.
The released e-mail correspondence concerned migration, coalition talks, the presidential campaign and the selection of a new Czech Radio director.
The e-mails released yesterday deal mainly with migration issue, too.
The hacking of the PM's e-mail has been investigated by the police organised crime squad (UOOZ) that also deals with cyber crime.
Respekt weekly has written that the police are trying to gain passwords to the extremists' website, and thereby find out its current operators.
In the past, Czech detectives unsuccessfully asked U.S. courts several times where the server was registered. The investigators also look into the theory of Russia being behind the hacking.

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