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PM requests security audit at Office of the Government

12 January 2016

Prague, Jan 11 (CTK) - Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka has ordered an immediate audit of the security directives and procedures at the Government Office and he the asked National Security Office (NBU) head for cooperation to secure the government members' communication, Sobotka announced yesterday.
In his press release, he also reacted to the speculations about the hacking of his private e-mail account.
"My password was sufficiently strong and it met all security rules of the provider," said Sobotka, rejecting the speculations that his e-mail was weakly secured.
"I have become one of many victims of hackers who are attempting to violate the privacy of citizens by their criminal acts, steal private data and destroy the lives of us all," Sobotka said.
He said he perceived the neo-Nazis' attack on his e-mail connected with manipulation and an attempt at defamation and blackmailing as an attack on the values he had long been promoting.
"This is an attack on the fundamental principles of democratic society based on freedom, tolerance and human rights observance," Sobotka said, adding that he would not let himself be intimidated by the attacks.
"After consultations with security experts, necessary steps will be taken to better secure the communication of the prime minister and the government members," Sobotka added without elaborating.
He only informed the public about a security audit to be carried out at the Government Office and the effort to identify possible weak points.
The extremist server White Media has released some of Sobotka's e-mails twice.
The hacking of his e-mail has been investigated by the police organised crime squad (UOOZ) that also deals with cyber crime. Its spokesman Pavel Hantak told CTK yesterday that no information about the case can be released since the investigation was still underway.

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