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Swiss police dismiss wrong treatment of MEP Ransdorf

5 February 2016

Prague, Feb 4 (CTK) - The Swiss police have rejected the accusations of having made mistakes in treating the detained Czech Communist (KSCM) MEP Miloslav Ransdorf in December, and dismissed his widow's complaint in an interview with the Czech server

Ransdorf unexpectedly died on January 22 at the age of 62.

His widow, Vlasta Ransdorfova, then wrote to Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka (Social Democrats, CSSD) that her husband's previous detention by the Swiss police in a Zurich bank contributed to his death.

The Government Office told CTK on Thursday that Sobotka is going to pass Ransdorf's complaint on to the law enforcement bodies.

The Swiss police detained Ransdorf together with three Slovaks for a couple of days in early December and the Swiss authorities launched their prosecution over suspected property delicts.

Ransdorfova says the condition of her husband, who suffered from diabetes, deteriorated as a result of his Swiss detention, after which he complained that the police denied his diabetes medicine to him for some time.

Addressed by, spokesman Werner Schaub resolutely dismissed the accusations on behalf of the Zurich police.

The detained man was found capable of staying in custody. While detained, he was under the supervision of a doctor who provided all necessary medicines to him, Schaub said.

Czech government spokesman Martin Ayrer told CTK that the Government Office has received Ransdorfova's letter in which she calls on Sobotka to establish contacts with representatives of Switzerland and the EU.

"The prime minister will pass it on to Supreme State Attorney Pavel Zeman and Police President Tomas Tuhy. He will also ask the foreign minister, on whose agenda the letter touches as well, for comment," Ayrer said.

Ransdorfova said her husband, a long-standing Communist politician, either did not receive his medicine at all or received an insufficient amount of it. During his Swiss detention, he reportedly had health troubles stemming from high blood pressure, but his calls for help remained unanswered.

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