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Czech PM stresses need to improve rail and road links to Bavaria

14 March 2016

Munich, Germany, March 11 (CTK) - An improvement in transport infrastructure between the Czech Republic and Bavaria is of key importance for the development of business on both sides of the border, Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka said at an economic seminar Friday.
In addition to the modernisation of railways, a second motorway link between the Czech Republic and Bavaria must be built, he said.
Sobotka said the transport connection between the two countries looks as if the Iron Curtain still existed.
"The Czech republic invests and is ready to invest in the development of the railway infrastructure and we are interested in investments being made by Bavaria in the years ahead, too," Sobotka said.
He said "it is very important that we have fast railway communication with a sufficient capacity between Prague an Munich, between Prague and Nuremberg."
But is is also important that we have a second motorway connection between the Czech republic and Bavaria. It is important that we are capable of connecting motorway D6 to the Bavarian road infrastructure," Sobotka said.
Sobotka discussed a better transport infrastructure between the two countries with his Bavarian counterpart Horst Seehofer on Thursday, too.
He said now there is a good opportunity to push through cross-border transport projects because German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt comes from Bavaria.
Germany is now preparing an updating of the federal plan of transport communications and it is necessary that Czech-Bavarian infrastructure be included in it, Sobotka said.
The plan will influence the shape of Germany's transport networks in the next several decades.
In Munich, Sobotka also debated Czech-Bavarian cooperation in the field of science and research.
"Bavaria is supporting applied research very intensively. It also subsidises from the land budget a number of business activities that contribute to the transfer of this kind of knowledge and research and innovation results into practice. It is a very interesting partner for us," he said.
Representatives of the CzechInvest agency signed a memorandum of cooperation in space research in the Ludwig Boelkow business campus in Ottobrunn Friday.
"We wanted to present the possibilities that the Czech Republic can offer in a comprehensive way there. We will seek opportunities to support new contracts for Czech firms and cooperation in the field of science and research that might take place even in the Czech Republic to a high extent," Sobotka said.

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