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University experts awarded for contribution to Czech security

21 April 2016

Prague, April 20 (CTK) - Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka presented the Jaroslav Janda Award for a significant contribution to the Czech Republic's security policy to a team of security experts from Charles University on Wednesday.

The National Security Council (BRS) decided in February to award the Institute of Political Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University (IPS FSV UK) in Prague.

Sobotka (Social Democrats, CSSD) said he considered the interconnection of scientific knowledge with practical politics one of the ways of tackling current security threats.

"This is an expression of support for research work and publishing in the area of state security and defence policy," said Sobotka, explaining the reasons for awarding the university experts.

Security experts are now able to analyse what is happening in the world and submit proposals and recommendations for the Czech Republic to be able to react to the development, he added.

Petr Juptner, director of the awarded IPS institute, offered further cooperation to the Czech government on this occasion.

The IPS has participated in the security audit of the Czech Republic, which si processed by the Interior Ministry.

The Jaroslav Janda award was presented in 2002-2006. The current government met the BRS's proposal and restored the award in 2015.

Last year, the award went to Milos Svoboda, deputy director of the Fire Corps, and the Centre of Security Politics at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University.

The prize bears the name of Colonel Janda, an academic in the sphere of organisation and control of security and military strategy.

Due to his disagreement with Czechoslovakia's occupation in 1968, he had to leave the army, to which he only could return in the 1990s.

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