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Poll: Only one fourth of Czechs think EU acts for Prague's benefit

4 May 2016

Prague, May 3 (CTK) - Only one quarter of Czechs believe that EU decisions are in harmony with the Czech interests, but at the same time, almost two thirds believe that democracy, cooperation and integration in the EU benefit the member states' defence, according to a poll the CVVM agency released on Tuesday.

Only 26 percent of those polled said they believe that the EU decisions are identical with the interests of the Czech Republic.

Their number declined from almost one third in the past year, the CVVM said, adding that the decline is probably linked to the migrant crisis.

A poll from late 2015 showed that over four fifths of Czechs assess the EU's reactions to the refugee crisis negatively, the CVVM pointed out.

Some 60 percent of Czechs, nevertheless, still believe that the EU espouses the values of democracy and cooperation, and that the policy of integration benefits the areas such as national defence and environment protection.

Most respondents said they believe that the principle of solidarity has been applied in the EU and that EU membership benefits Czech economy and culture.

On the other hand, a higher number of Czechs assess as harmful Prague's participation in the political integration of the EU, and most Czech also assess the application of the principles of tolerance and equality negatively.

The number of positive answers in the above categories has declined since the previous poll conducted one year ago.

The CVVM conducted the new poll on 1,063 people on April 4-11.

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