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Prague to defend security at EU summit in Bratislava

13 September 2016

Prague, Sept 12 (CTK) - The Czech Republic will push for deepening EU security, both external and internal, and restart of the member states' coming closer to each other economically at the summit in Bratislava on Friday, according to the mandate for PM Bohuslav Sobotka that the cabinet approved tonight.
Leaders of the EU 27, that is except for Britain, will meet in the capital of Slovakia, holding the six-month EU presidency, to debate a further course of the EU in reaction to the Brexit referendum.
The informal summit is not expected to bring any significant decision.
Czech government spokesman Martin Ayrer pointed out that the government had long put an emphasis on the consistent protection of the Schengen outer border and checks of people entering the EU.
"As another step forward in the security area, the Czech Republic will push for the deepening of defence and security cooperation. The Czech government considers it crucial for the future that the economic levels of particular member states come closer to each other, which should be based on a well-functioning internal market and on four fundamental freedoms," the government said about the mandate.
European Council President Donald Tusk will call on the member states to help Bulgaria protect the border from a rising migrant flow at the Bratislava summit.
The statesmen should also discuss the steps to be taken to achieve the EU's stronger position as a global player, including the project of joint armed forces and a new way of EU communication with public.

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