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Zeman to announce his possible presidential candidature in March

15 September 2016

Prague, Sept 14 (CTK) - Czech President Milos Zeman, 71, will announce in early March 2017 whether he is going to run for president again in the elections scheduled for early 2018, he told public Czech Television (CT) tonight.
Zeman said the neuropathy due to which he has to walk with a cane has not worsened and his diabetes even improved.
"Diabetes cannot be treated, but it can improve, which is what happened to me. It is one of the two diseases I suffer from and they will accompany me to the end of my life," he told CT.
The polyneuropathy, which makes it more difficult for Zeman to walk, has not improved, he said.
He said whenever he falls due to the illness, the press always writes that he was drunk. He said he feels sorry that this is not the case because he would get sober again.
Zeman is known for a rather unhealthy life style, including smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. His health troubles became a centre of public attention during the campaign before the direct presidential election and after he took up the post.
In late August, Zeman said doctors told him he has a hearing loss.

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