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Norwegian Pedersen, Czech Smutná win Jizerská 50km skiing race

20 February 2017

Bedrichov, North Bohemia, Feb 19 (CTK) - Norwegian Morten Eide Pedersen and Czech Katerina Smutna in women's category won the 50th Jizerska padesatka 50km international Ski Classics cross-country skiing race in Bedrichov yesterday.
Petter Eliassen from Norway and Swedish Britta Johansson-Norgren, winners of the race from last year, ended second, followed by other Norwegians, Tord Asle Gjerdalen and Astrid Oeyre Slind Slind, who was third among women.
Smutna won the Jizerska padesatka in 2015 as well when she still represented Austria.
Some of 5,000 skiers participated in the main race yesterday.
This year, the organisers changed the traditional date in January to avoid the lack of snow, which complicated the event in the past.
Results of Jizerska padesatka 50km Ski Classics race:
Men: 1. Pedersen (Norway/BN Bank) 1:55:53.1, 2. Eliassen (Norway/LeasePlan) -0.5, 3. Gjerdalen (Norway/Santander) -1:13.6, 4. Vokuyev (Russia/Russian Marathon) -1:13.8, 5. A. Aukland (Norway/Santander) -1:17.1, 6. Ostensen (Norway/BN Bank) -1:25,3.
Ski Classics preliminary standings: 1. Gjerdalen 1164, 2. Pedersen 855, 3. Hoelgaard (Norway/LeasePlan) 763
Women: 1. Smutna (Czech Republic/Santander) 2:17:34.8, 2. Johansson-Norgren (Sweden/Lager 157 Ski) -10.5, 3. Slind (Norway/United Bakeries) -40.4, 4. Lindborg (Sweden/Serneke) -6:18.5, 5. Lindstedt (Sweden/SkiProAm) -8:43.9, 6. Heiskanen (Finland/Robinson Petshop) -10:02.9.
Ski Classics preliminary standings: 1. Johansson-Norgren 1285, 2. Smutna 1270, 3. Slind 878.

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