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Drinking water in former Czech army grounds contains uranium

20 March 2017

Olomouc, North Moravia, March 17 (CTK) - Drinking water in the Mesto Libava village, which was part of the Libava army training ground until 2016, contains elevated levels of uranium and children and pregnant women should not drink it, Jana Zechmeisterova, from Czech Defence Ministry, told CTK on Friday.

"It is not known at the moment why the uranium got into the water," she said.

The situation will be dealt with as soon as the results of a thorough analysis are known, which should be by April 8, Zechmeisterova said.

Substitute drinking water supplies have been secured in Mesto Libava.

Deputy Mayor Jiri Ondrejka said bottled water is delivered to the inhabitants and the school kitchen has a water cistern.

"It is a problem for the municipality. We don't know yet what the final results will be," he said.

The Czech military is considering introducing a technology that would remove the uranium from the water.

Before 1989, 2,500 Soviet soldiers permanently stayed in the Libava military training ground. Regular military exercises took place in the area. When the Soviet army withdrew from the Czech territory in the early 1990s, it left a huge amount of unexploded ordnance and soil contaminated with oil products in the Libava grounds. The liquidation of the environmental burden lasted several years and cost hundred of millions of crowns.

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