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Airbus makes unplanned landing over smoke on board in Prague

21 April 2017

Prague, April 20 (CTK) - An Airbus plane bound from Hanover to Vienna was forced to make an unplanned landing at the Prague airport due to the smoke in its baggage compartment on Thursday, airport spokeswoman Marika Janouskova has told journalists.

Due to the incident, the operation at the airport had to be limited and three planes had to fly to a different airport.

Some planes could not land. A plane from Madrid had to be rerouted to Brno, a plane from Vienna returned to the city and a plane from Moscow landed in Dresden.

Another six planes are still waiting in the skies above Prague, Janouskova said, adding that the departure of some planes was also delayed. This relates to about ten of them.

The passengers were evacuated to the airport terminal and no one was injured, Janouskova said.

The aircraft of the Eurowings low-cost airline landed at 18:03.

"Full alert was declared. There were integrated rescue system staff, including airport firefighters, at the landing," Janouskova said.

"The landing was executed without any problems," she added.

The cause of the smoke will be investigated now, Janouskova said.

The firefighters have said there was no fire.

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