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Communists attract voters with focus on welfare state

26 June 2017

Prague, June 23 (CTK) - The Czech Communists (KSCM) will promise to voters before the October general election to strengthen welfare state and security, deputy chairman Jiri Dolejs, who is responsible for the preparation for the voting, has told CTK.

The party's broader leadership will be approving the manifesto and motto for the election on Saturday.

Next week, the party will present the manifesto and regional election leaders at a press conference.

"We will focus on social themes, which we will combine with the economy because means are logically needed for strengthening welfare state," Dolejs said.

"In addition to social justice supported by a prosperous economy, the central slogan will also contain peace and security because we are aware of that citizens feel the current turbulences and uncertainty in society," Dolejs said.

He said the party will be pushing for an operable police force and efective military, for raising the public's competences, including the knowledge of first aid and civil protection.

Dolejs said the party is opposed to unnecessary spending on NATO's activities that would not serve the Czech Republic's protection, but an aggression.

In the economic sphere, the Communists propose higher taxes even for medium-sized firms, Dolejs said.

According to public opinion polls, the KSCM has had a stable voter support oscillating around 12 percent, which ranks it in 2nd to 4th position.

The opposition Civic Democrats (ODS), TOP 09 and Mayors and the Independents (STAN) and the junior government Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL) say they would not cooperate with the Communists, which they say is an undemocratic party, on government level.

The senior government Social Democrats (CSSD) have said they will not cooperate with parties that reject NATO and EU membership, which is true of the KSCM.

The ANO movement's leader and former finance minister, Andrej Babis, has ruled out the possibility of ANO forming a government with the Communists after the election.

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