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Prague zoo visitors can newly help save endangered animal species

10 August 2017

Prague, Aug 9 (CTK) - Visitors to the Prague Zoo can contribute to the protection of four critically endangered animal species in the wild, or the Przewalski's horse, the western gorilla, the gharial and the Laotian rock rat via a new system as from today.

The garden has helped protect these and other species right in the countries of their origin for a long time.

Since 2011, it has transferred 27 Przewalski's horses to Mongolia, for instance.

In cooperation with Mastercard and Ingenico Group firms, it has spread several payment kiosks across the garden. People can send 50 to 499 crowns by using payment cards or via the Masterpass digital service at them.

Zoo director Miroslav Bobek said today the garden exclusively contributes to in-situ projects.

The tiny mammal Laotian rock rat was only described in 1996 after British zoologist Rob Timminis discovered it by chance in a meat market in Laos and information about it is still scarce.

Zoo deputy director Jaroslav Simek said the rat lives in karst areas of central Laos and in lower numbers in Vietnam as well.

After their visit to Laos, Prague Zoo experts concluded that the rat will have to be also bred by humans if it is to be preserved.

The Prague Zoo has kept the Przewalski's horse world stud book since 1959 and it exceptionally contributed to the species's preservation.

The zoological garden supports the Wandering Bus project in support of the western gorilla in Central Africa which aims at educating the young generation to approach animals.

The garden has bought a motor boat for gharial patrols in India and it has contributed to the research into the animals' behaviour.

People can still send donations to the zoo's account or support its projects via DMSes.

($1=21.134 crowns)

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