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New project wants to connect Czech, world music scenes

13 September 2017

Prague, Sept 12 (CTK) - The SoundCzech/Czech Music Office (CMO) is a new pro-export agency aimed to support the Czech music scene, mainly contemporary genres, connect it with the world scene and promote it at trade fairs and festivals abroad, the Arts and Theatre Institute head Pavla Petrova said on Tuesday.

Initiated by the institute, the CMO wants to promote better conditions for Czech musicians performing abroad and the development of the club scene, and also support international exchange of music bands, Petrova told the media.

"The purpose of the office is to highlight great contemporary music, which lacks central support, and back its export abroad to make it competitive in Europe," Petrova said.

"The second objective is the unification of the music industry platform in the Czech Republic," she said.

The CMO has created conditions for the presentation of the Czech music scene at the Waves festival in Vienna, where six Czech bands will perform at the end of September.

The CMO will send 20 Czech music experts to the Vienna event, for whom it will secure accreditation and part¨ly cover their travel costs.

Marton Naray, one of the initiators of the Music Export Hungary office, became the director of the CMO in March.

"We will be working on effective ways to promote Czech musicians or bands on the international music market. For example by connecting them with local agencies, which, on their part, would secure their promotion," Nagay said.

The CMO has been financially supported by the Czech Culture Ministry. Its support reached four million crowns in 2017 and it is to be raised to 5.3 million crowns in 2018.

Katerina Kalistova, Deputy Culture Minister in charge of the living art section, said the Czech music industry cannot succeed abroad without targeted support for its infrastructure, its connection with the international networks and the promotion of its goals abroad by the pro-export agency.

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