Wednesday, 19 September 2018

VGP builds 155,000 sq m of new leasable area in ČR

CIA News |
29 September 2017

The VGP Group is building 155,000 sq m of a new leasable area in the Czech Republic. Under preliminary lease agreements, these premises have been occupied from 77%.

The group added that in Q3 2017, it had purchased the last remaining piece of land (75,000 sq m) on the premises of VGP Park Olomouc which had a potential of 33,000 sq m of a new leasable area. The total area of land in the park is 479,753 sq m.

The possible development of buildings for rent is 206,000 sq m. Two buildings with a total leasable area of 34,486 sq m have been completed in this locality now. The construction of three buildings is underway, of which two buildings (16,786 sq m) are fully occupied under preliminary contracts.