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British artist Hiorns buries MiG-21 near Prague

2 October 2017

Dolni Brezany, Central Bohemia, Oct 1 (CTK) - British artist Roger Hiorns on Sunday let a Soviet-made MiG-21 fighter plane buried in the compound of the research centre ELI Beamlines in Dolni Brezany within the celebration of the 100th exhibition of the Galerie Rudolfinum that started two weeks ago.

Dolni Brezany was chosen due to the context of the whole work, Galerie Rudolfinum curator David Korecky said.

Hiorns has been materialising the idea of burying aircraft for several years, having buried under the ground the first last year.

"Everyone asks me about the sense of the event. However, it is problematic to explain the sense of an artistic work," Korecky said.

"However, the connections and the context are vital since this is not any plane in any place at any time. This is very specific and bound concretely to this environment," Korecky said.

A major role in the choice of the locality was also played by the fact that a start-up research centre is in the place, he added.

He said this was a symbolic act saying good-bye to the era of development represented by the MiG.

A 15-minute film will be made from the installation, Korecky said.

Before being buried in the land, the plane was decontaminated and conserved to avoid any pollution.

The construction firm will be burying the machine for at least three days.

In all, MiG-21s have been used by air forces of over 50 countries and some of them are still used. Over 10,000 MiG-21s have been manufactured, which has made it a legend of Eastern Block fighters during the Cold War.

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