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ODS not to negotiate with ANO on coalition government

23 October 2017

Prague, Oct 21 (CTK) - The right-wing Civic Democrats (ODS) who fared second in the Czech general election rule out negotiations about a new government with the winning ANO movement, ODS chairman Petr Fiala told reporters on Saturday.

"We cannot imagine any coalition with extremists, possibly with Communists," he added, referring to the Communists Party (KSCM) and the Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD).

There is no right time for uniting the right wing, of which TOP 09 chairman Miroslav Kalousek was speaking again, either, Fiala added.

The Czech Republic will now face a hard struggle for the values, foreign policy pillars and the protection of what its inhabitants have so far taken for granted, Fiala said.

"We will be defending for what voters gave us the mandate and continue to strengthen an honest right-wing policy," he said.

Since 2013 when the ODS suffered from a crisis and scored its worst ever election result of some 7.7 percent, the party has become the second strongest force in the Chamber of Deputies, said.

He again rejected he idea of a single bloc against ANO.

"I have my own idea of a new era of the right wing in the Czech Republic and I will be implementing this idea," he said.

In this election, the ODS gained 50 percent more votes than four years ago, he added.

"I was pleased by the support for our path when I remember the situation in which I was taking over the party four years ago," Fiala said.

However, the overall election results provoke fears of the future development, he indicated.

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