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Stropnický resigns as Green Party head after election fiasco

23 October 2017

Prague, Oct 21 (CTK) - Matej Stropnicky, 34, announced on Saturday that he would immediately resign as leader of the Czech Green Party that gained under 1.5 percent in the general election, according to preliminary results.

The Greens' congress will elect a new leadership in January.

"Our result is not good, what else to say about this," Stropnicky said.

He said he hoped that his party would at least cross 1.5 percent of the vote to be entitled to state subsidies that would enable it to keep working.

The Greens will still be represented in the Senate, the upper house of parliament. Its influence will increase after ANO, the winner of the general election, assumes power, Stropnicky said.

"The Senate will be an important safeguard, he added.

The Greens managed to enter the 200-member lower house of Czech parliament only once, in 2006, when they won six seats in it and entered the government.

At present, the Green Party has two senators in the 81-member upper house and several other senators were elected with its support.

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