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Chovanec: Social Democrats need to reform their rules

3 November 2017

Prague, Nov 2 (CTK) - Milan Chovanec, acting leader of Czech Social Democrats (CSSD), wants to change the party's rule book so that CSSD is less ponderous and rigid, he wrote in a letter to the party on Thursday.

Chovanec also said the party may organise its congress at an earlier date than in April, as was originally scheduled.

The new CSSD leadership should establish a better and more frequent communication with party members, using for instance quick surveys on national, regional and communal themes, Chovanes wrote.

"I want to ensure everyone that the calling of an extraordinary congress automatically means that the whole party's leadership ends at the congress," Chovanec reiterated.

Chovanec also admitted that an earlier than the April congress date was possible.

"Originally, we proposed April, so that the internal party debate and all related decisions were not hasty and hot-headed, without all candidates having the opportunity to travel to all of the regions and present their visions. But I don't see a major problem in the congress taking place earlier either," he wrote.

CSSD's executive committee will definitively decide on the congress date. Chovanec mentioned he would like it to take place still in November.

CSSD's board will deal with the post-election situation after the October 20-21 parliamentary vote on Friday. The party won just 7.3 percent of the vote, while it won the 2013 election with 20.5 percent.

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