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Zeman wants Pirates to be in Babiš' government

3 November 2017

Lany, Central Bohemia, Nov 2 (CTK) - President Milos Zeman recommended to the Pirates that they take part in the government now being formed by ANO leader Andrej Babis at the meeting with their representatives on Thursday, Pirates leader Ivan Bartos has told journalists.

However, Pirates' representatives explained to him that in keeping with their pre-election strategy, they will be in the opposition, Bartos said.

The Pirates reject a cooperation with Babis as he is prosecuted over an EU subsidy fraud, in which ANO deputy chairman Jaroslav Faltynek is also implicated.

"Zeman repeated his recommendations that the Pirates should take part in the government, while we explained to him the reasons of why the Pirates ended up in the opposition after the October election," Bartos said.

During the 90-minute meeting the Pirates also unveiled the history of their party to Zeman.

Zeman and the Pirates also spoke about the real balance of forces in the Chamber of Deputies and about an early election.

Zeman asked Bartos whether the Pirates would welcome the situation.

"We would certainly not welcome the situation as it burdens both the public and the budget. However, if there is a deadlock, we will be opposed to an endless caretaker government," Bartos said.

A government of ANO ministers along with some unaffiliated experts is one of the options that has been suggested after the election won by ANO with almost 30 percent of the vote. However, the rest of the parties are reluctant to form a coalition with Babis.

Bartos said it was desirable for the Czech Republic to have a government with a confidence from the Chamber of Deputies.

Zeman is to meet representatives of all nine parties that managed to enter the Chamber of Deputies. The last meeting is scheduled for November 16.

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