Wednesday, 26 September 2018

ČSÚ: Foreign trade reports CZK 20.2bn surplus

CIA News |
6 November 2017

The balance of foreign trade with goods in current prices ended with a surplus of CZK 20.2bn in September 2017, up CZK 800m y/y. The balance of trade with EU28 countries ended with a surplus of CZK 57.1bn (up CZK 7.3bn).

The deficit of trading with countries outside EU dropped by CZK 6.7bn to CZK 35.7bn. Seasonally adjusted export grew 1.8% to CZK 293.8bn and import soared 1.8% to CZK 273.6bn. Trade balance surplus in 9M 2017 totalled CZK 139.3bn.