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Pirate Party rejects rule of gov't without parliament's support

6 November 2017

Prague, Nov 5 (CTK) - The Czech Pirate Party would address the Constitutional Court if President Zeman let ANO’s minority government rule the country without the parliament’s support and refused to declare early elections, their leader Ivan Bartos told TV Prima on Sunday.

In such a situation, a constitutional complaint would be a way to force the president to take proper action, Bartos said.

Civic Democrat (ODS) chairman Petr Fiala said the creation of a minority government of ANO leader Andrej Babis that would not win the required support from the Chamber of Deputies was a possible threat because Zeman and Babis made an unofficial pact together.

Babis did not try hard to form a majority government in the past two weeks following the general election, Fiala told Prima.

Fiala and Bartos agreed that some parties were ready to rule the country together with ANO provided that the prime minister is not Babis whose criminal prosecution over a suspected subsidy fraud may be reopened.

Bartos said the outgoing centre-left government of ANO, the Social Democrats (CSSD) and the Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL) has a majority in the Chamber of Deputies even after the elections.

However, Bartos ruled out that the Pirates would join ANO’s government or support its minority government. Fiala said the same on behalf of the ODS.

The Pirate plan to support ANO’s candidate for lower house head Radek Vondracek.

Fiala, who wants to fight Vondracek for the post, said the Pirates actually supported an unlimited rule of Babis’s minority government by this step.

According to the constitution, the lower house head names a third prime minister-designate if two previous attempts at forming a government with sufficient support from the lower house fail.

This is also why the CSSD would not support Vondracek for Chamber of Deputies chairman, CSSD acting head Milan Chovanec said.

Fiala told Prima TV that the ODS is to present its strategy for the January presidential election next week. He said the party’s ambition is to prevent Zeman from being re-elected.

Bartos said the Pirates would comment on the presidential candidates soon. He said the Pirates had a list of ten requirements for the next head of state and would assess which candidate met their requirements.

Candidates must submit their applications to officially join the presidential competition by Tuesday. At least nine candidates seem to have met the requirements for registration.

Former ODS prime minister Mirek Topolanek told Blesk tabloid on Sunday that he wants to run for president, but still needs to win the necessary support from lawmakers for his bid.

Populist Tomio Okamura, leader of the Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD) movement, may still decide to run for president as well. Support from the SDP lawmakers would be enough for Okamura to gain the required support.

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