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Czechoslovaks from RAF remembered by new plaque

14 November 2017

Prague, Nov 13 (CTK) - A commemorative plaque for over 2,500 Czechs and Slovaks who served with the Royal Air Force during World War Two was unveiled at the Prague Klarov neighbourhood on Monday.

It complemented a bronze memorial in the form of a winged lion, installed in Klarov in 2014.

The ceremony was attended by RAF veterans, military and British embassy representatives as well as members of the Czech parliament.

Two Gripen fighters flew over Klarov within the act.

The new commemorative plaque installed at the plinth of the memorial pays respect to all the 2,507 Czechoslovak soldiers who served as pilots and air personnel with RAF.

There are also the veterans' ranks they were given in the RAF and the symbols of cross for whose who died in action.

The production and installation of the plaque with the names of Czechoslovak RAF members cost 1.5 million crowns. It was sponsored by the Association of Defence and Security Industry and the companies which are its members.

The two-metre winged lion was donated by the British community living in the Czech Republic. It was unveiled in June 2014.

"The winged lion is an honour for all our friends who are no longer with us, who died during the war or here. They deserve the honour," a former RAF pilot, who also took part in the Battle of Tobruk, Pavel Vransky, said.

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