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Parties divide posts of heads of lower house commissions

1 December 2017

Prague, Nov 30 (CTK) - Czech parties have agreed on the division of seats of chairpersons of all lower house commissions except for one, ANO deputies' group head Jaroslav Faltynek said on Thursday and added that ANO, the government-forming party, will head none of the commissions that supervise security forces.

The filling of the post of the head of the commission supervising the General Inspection of Security Corps (GIBS) is still up to an agreement between the Communists (KSCM) and the Social Democrats (CSSD), Faltynek told reporters.

There are 11 commissions in the 200-seat Chamber of Deputies.

Faltynek said ANO has respected during the negotiations that the leadership of the control commissions will go to the opposition.

ANO only aspires for the head of the newly established commission for the family, he said.

ANO scored a sweeping victory in the October general election and occupies 78 seats in the Chamber.

The centre-right Democratic Bloc consisting of the Civic Democrats (ODS), the Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL), TOP 09 and STAN and having together 48 seats, will have the heads of five commissions, including four security ones.

These are the commissions in charge of the supervision of the counter-intelligence service BIS, the military intelligence VZ, the Financial Analytical Office (FAU) and the release of data from central registry of accounts.

The fifth commission to be headed by a Democratic Bloc representative is the newly established commission for changes to the constitution.

The Freedom and Direct Democracy movement (SPD, with 22 seats in the lower house) will head commissions controlling the National Security Office (NBU) and the National Office for Cyber and Information Security.

The Pirates (22 seats) will lead the commissions supervising the use of police wiretapping and the operation of the Chamber of Deputies.

The last commission, for the GIBS's supervision, should go either to the CSSD or the KSCM, which have 15 seats in the Chamber each. Of the two parties, the "losing one" would be left without a commission head.

KDU-CSL deputies' group chairman Jan Bartosek said representatives of the KSCM and the CSSD have promised to reach agreement on filling the post in question.

"All of us sought agreement, and each of us has had to make concessions," Bartosek said.

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