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Customs officers find amber worth million crowns on train

6 December 2017

Prague, Dec 5 (CTK) - Prague's customs officers found almost ten kilogrammes of amber during a check on an international express train on Tuesday, Prague customs office spokesman Miroslav Pokstefl told journalists.

The contraband was found in a luggage of a Chinese man, who was unable to produce either a document on its acquisition or about its origin.

The man now faces administrative proceedings.

The value of the contraband is approximately one million crowns.

It was discovered during a regular check on a train from Poland.

"By further investigation it was determined that the man did not carry such contraband for the first time and that he was to send it via postal service abroad," Pokstefl said.

Amber is a petrified resin which is popular in jewellery making. In Europe, it can be found particularly on the shore of the Baltic sea.

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