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Czech Polar Ecology Centre joins University of Arctic

2 January 2018

Ceske Budejovice, South Bohemia, Dec 30 (CTK) - The Polar Ecology Centre of the Faculty of Science of South Bohemia University has become a member of the international organisation University of the Arctic, university spokeswoman Dagmar Dvorakova told journalists on Saturday.

University of the Arctic associates the most important institutions in the world dealing with research into the Arctic.

The Polar Ecology Centre is the only specialised centre in the Czech Republic.

It is its main objective to provide education in Arctic science fields and scientific research into polar areas with a primary focus on changes in the environment and organisms due to the climate change.

"We highly esteem the joining of University of the Arctic. For us, it is an appreciation of our previous activity," Polar Ecology Centre head Josef Elster said.

"We reckon with its membership allowing us to intensify cooperation with other, similarly focused organisations both in the sphere of sharing of scientific knowledge and human capacities," Elster said.

University of the Arctic administrates a scientific station in Svalbard and scientific ship.

In Svalbard, there are roughly 50 Czech scientists and students annually.

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