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Young Social Democrats complain about Babiš's blacklisting

6 March 2018

Prague, March 5 (CTK) - Czech Young Social Democrats (MSD) filed a complaint about Prime Minister Andrej Babis (ANO) over a list of the Social Democrats working in the civil service with the Office for the Protection of Personal Data (UOOU) on Monday, the MSD has said in a press release.

The UOOU should check whether law was breached by the compilation of the list. Information about it was published by the weekly Respekt last Monday.

It wrote that Babis used it as a trump card for talks about the government with Social Democrats.

Respekt wrote Babis had spoken about the list during the talks with the Mayors and Independents (STAN). According to Babis, there are 364 representatives of the Social Democrats at ministries and state bodies.

"He (Babis) reckons with the Social Democrats being reluctant to lose their people in the civil service," Respekt quoted Jan Farsky, head of the STAN deputy group, as saying.

Due to this, the Young Social Democrats have filed the complaint with the UOOU since the compilation of the list may have breached the law on the protection of personal data.

The office should find out whether a crime was committed.

"In your view, the collection and processing of information on political attitudes of specifically earmarked persons constitutes illegal and unrightful treatment of sensitive data, which closely relates to our members," Radek Hlavacek, the MSD leader, said.

The collection of the sensitive data is a blatant violation of human rights and freedoms, the MSD said.

"It is not clear from the article in Respekt who compiled the list in question for Babis, whether this was done by ANO bodies, the civil service bodies or some private detective office. At any rate, spying in a state with the rule of law is absolutely unacceptable," Hlavacek said.

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