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Activists rejoice at Communist Ondráček giving up senior post

7 March 2018

Prague, March 6 (CTK) - It really makes sense to protest against Communists' return to power and the public has defeated politicians, said organisers of a petition and rallies against Czech Communist MP Zdenek Ondracek as head of a parliamentary commission supervising the police inspection GIBS who was forced to resign on Tuesday.

The public rallies were held in Prague and most big towns across the country on Monday.

Ondracek was elected head of the lower house commission supervising the GIBS on March 2. It raised a controversy due to his past of a police officer under the Communist regime and a member of the riot police unit who took part in a crackdown on anti-Communist demonstrators.

"We welcomed Ondracek's announced resignation as a fulfilment of what was sought by our petition and the (Monday) protest rallies across the Czech Republic," organiser Lucie Kohoutova told CTK on Tuesday.

"It is wonderful news that protesting publicly against the Communists' return makes sense," Kohoutova said.

She said she believed the Monday protests largely brought about Ondracek's resignation.

"With their participation and signatures, tens of thousands of people put it clearly that they are really interested in further development of the political situation much more than the current government," Kohoutova said.

"The public has refused the return of Communists of all types and the onset of other extremist movements to power," she added.

Kohoutova said she would like the political representation to fully take into account the scope of the Monday protest and to act to the benefit of the public even without the need of such rallies in the future.

The petition against Ondracek's election was signed by roughly 14,000 people during the Monday protests, Kohoutova said.

The activists put the number of the demonstrators in Prague at 20,000.

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