Thursday, 28 May 2020

Czech solar power firms expand in Hungary

By Tom McEnchroe | Radio Prague |
5 August 2019

The combination of a slow-down in state subsidies at home and an increased demand for solar power in Hungary is leading many Czech companies to set up to invest in the country. However, the Czech government’s plans to reduce and eventually completely remove carbon dependency has led some to promote the benefits of increasing support for photovoltaics in the country.
While less than 10 megawatts worth of new solar farms were built in the Czech Republic in the past five years, in 2018 Hungary’s photovoltaic power stations grew by 320 megawatts.
Altogether, the state currently has 700 megawatts worth of combined photovoltaic sources and this amount is expected to increase substantially in the near future, the news site iHNed reports.
Hungary’s photovoltaic association estimates that licenses allowing the construction of up to 2000 megawatts worth of photovoltaic energy sources have already been issued.