Wednesday, 22 November 2017
Business | Real Estate | Prague TV

Starting in January, construction authorities will only allow developers of large projects to build energy-efficient buildings where the energy consumption is near zero. Some construction companies say the new rules will bring about an increase in prices for new real estate.

Business | Prague Connect

The Czech North American Chamber of Commerce and Culture has a new president. Lubomír Novotný takes over this new role in the Chamber with extensive business experience having most recently served as the Executive Director.

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Utility ČEZ registers potential strategic partners’ interest in entry into ŠKODA PRAHA. The spokesperson for ČEZ, Roman Gazdík, has confirmed to ČIANEWS that the group is leading talks with multiple contenders.

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Prague Municipal Council has approved the municipal budget for 2018. Income is foreseen at CZK 54.1bn and spending at CZK 70.3bn. The incurred deficit will be covered with year-on-year transfers and utilisation of temporarily available funds for pre-financing of government subsidies in education and state administration.

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Export could total CZK 4.15 trillion as of the end of 2017, deputy chairman of the Association of Exporters (AE), Otto Daněk, has stated at the Export Forum in Mladé Buky.

Finance | Reuters

Czech banking unions have declared strike alert in the financial sector to support wage demands, the Union of Workers in Finance and Insurance said on Monday.

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"The happiest people tackle the most difficult problems. Don't take it easy; find purpose and meaning." What professor Kanter is talking about is deriving happiness from demonstrating competence—competence in dealing with significant challenges in life.

Finance | Radio Prague

This year's state budget, including EU subsidies, could end up with a surplus of up to 10 billion crowns, Czech Finance Minister Ivan Pilný said in a debate programme on Czech Television on Sunday. Excluding money from European Union funds, the minister estimates the budget should in with a mild deficit around 10 billion crowns.

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Sellers expect some 2.2 million bottles of so-called Saint Martin's wine to go on the market this year, a slight drop from the last two years due to a weaker grape yield as the result of early spring frosts and later also dry spells or drought.

Business | ČTK

The Czech Mooveez company, which has developed an application for teaching foreign languages, has gained distribution rights from four big film studios, including two Hollywood ones, so that its application can teach English "through" Tom Hanks, Cameron Diaz and other world film stars.

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The Czech Foreign Ministry is preparing a system of preferential import of foreign labour force from Vietnam, Mongolia and Uzbekistan, similar to the regime for workers from Ukraine, daily Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) wrote on Friday.

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Letiště Brno (Brno Airport) has newly joined the Accolade investment group. B.A.W.D.F. signed the agreement on the sale of 100% stake in the airport on November 9, 2017. The exact price has not been specified.

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Fortuna Entertainment Group wants to expand by 2019 its activities to at least one more market in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

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The raising of interest rates supports the financial stability target, according to the Czech National Bank (CNB). At the same time, it is desirable to raise basic rates incrementally.

Finance | Prague TV

Banks have responded to the Czech National Bank's recent increase in the basic interest rates. Česká spořitelna on Nov. 6 raised mortgage rates, with Komerční banka following on Nov. 8. Hypoteční banka will join in Nov. 13. The era when it was possible to get the rate under 2% percent in the ČR is at an end, analysts say.