Thursday, 18 October 2018
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Czech Television reports that Zdeněk Hřib, leader of the Pirates, expects to be mayor of Prague and remains quite steadfast in his demand. Officially the leaders of all three parties of the proposed coalition including Jan Čižinský from Praha sobě and Jiří Pospíšil from TOP 09 are potential mayors.

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Hospodářské noviny reports that property prices in cities in certain regions of the country are beginning to stabilise and seem to have reached their ceiling, after years of record growth.

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Temperature records across the country went for a toss on Wednesday, as the hottest summer on record in the Czech Republic kept holding on.

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Experts from the Pirates, Praha sobe and the TOP 09/STAN led alliance met on Thursday to discuss combining their political agendas and other details of the emerging coalition.

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Pre-ban absinthe — made before the spirit was outlawed in the U.S. and most of Europe around 1914 — is one of the rarest drinks on earth. Czech distiller Martin Žufánek makes an historically accurate re-creation of the drink.

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Another five companies and one institution have joined the campaign of the Czech Ministry of Environment called #dostbyloplastu or "Enough of Plastics," which aims to prevent and reduce the use of single-use plastic products.

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As an expat, one of the very first things you need when you arrive in a new place is a good internet provider. These days, internet connection is almost as much a necessity as food and shelter. Finding a good and reliable internet provider is absolutely essential. One alternative to the big providers is the local company Airwaynet.

Politics | Business | Prague Daily Monitor

Czech Television reports that experts from the Pirates, citizens' movement Praha sobě and the TOP 09/STAN led alliance met on Wednesday to discuss their programs, and how a joint one could be agreed upon for Prague.

Politics | Business | Prague Daily Monitor reports that Libor Michalek the Senator from Prague 2 for the Pirates, who is defending his seat against former Presidential candidate Marek Hilser, called on Hilser to quit the race.

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The Olomouc tax office, which made the news recently for subpoenaing 95 newlywed couples for details about their weddings, so they could check on restaurants that were underreporting sales, will itself be audited.

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Mafra, a publishing house owned by Agrofert, has agreed with German firm Bauer Media to take control of its Czech and Slovak assets, as announced at a press conference on Tuesday. Bauer sold 43 million publications last year and has a combined readership of 3.4 million. The purchase strengthens Mafra's control of the Czech media scene, and will require antitrust regulators to sign off on it.

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This year's potato harvest is expected to be one of the poorest in decades, the daily e15. reported on Tuesday. Due to the prolonged period of drought, the total potato harvest this season will be around 20 percent lower than in the previous year.

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The Czech Republic joined opposition by Ireland, Finland and Sweden to the European Union's proposed tax on big internet companies in a joint paper warning that the measures may breach international treaty obligations. EU finance ministers agree that tax rules should be changed to increase levies on digital services and aim to finalize a tax on large firms' turnover by the end of the year, but are at odds on how to do so.

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Unemployment fell again in September to 3.0 percent, according to the Czech Labor Office. Last September, the unemployment rate was 3.8 percent, and in August this year, it was 3.1 percent. According to the most recent data from Eurostat, the Czech Republic in August had the lowest unemployment rate in the EU.

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Czech interest rates should continue rising and it is possible to lift borrowing costs again at the central bank's next meeting on Nov. 1, Vice-Governor Mojmir Hampl said on Tuesday.