Saturday, 20 October 2018

The Slovak Spectator

In marriage, Czechs are no foreigners to Slovaks

The Slovak Spectator |
18 October 2018

25 years after the Czecho-Slovak breakup, people living in Czecho-Slovak marriages do not feel like they are living with a foreigner.

Czech Conrop opens new plant for production of big bags in Trebišov

The Slovak Spectator |
4 October 2018

Czech company Conrop, which produces, develops and sells flexible packaging focusing on the handling and transportation of particularly bulky and liquid materials, officially opened its new plant in Trebišov (Košice Region) on October 3.

Blog: No bubble on Slovak or Czech residential real estate market

The Slovak Spectator |
19 September 2018

The current state of the Slovak and Czech residential real estate market - what are the risks?

Afraid of math? A Czech student shows there is nothing to fear

The Slovak Spectator |
10 September 2018

Marek Liška has written textbooks in a language close to students. He now plans to introduce them to Slovak schools.

Czech television heeds viewers' call to broadcast speech by Slovak president

The Slovak Spectator |
21 August 2018

Slovak President Andrej Kiska will deliver a special speech to mark the 50th anniversary of the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Warsaw Pact troops. Czech President Miloš Zeman has not prepared a speech for this occasion and neither will he attend any commemorative event. "Mr president delivered a courageous speech when he said during the start of the normalisation process that he did not agree with the occupation," tweeted his spokesperson Jiří Ovčáček, as cited by the website.

What are the key events in modern Slovak (and Czech) history?

The Slovak Spectator |
13 June 2018

Czechs and Slovaks have rated the key events in domestic modern history, picking a wartime uprising, an anti-communist revolt and the rise of independent Slovakia. They also ranked top important personalities. Only the Velvet Revolution was chosen by both nations, the TASR newswire wrote on June 11. The other two events mentioned by Czechs were the period of the first Czechoslovak Republic (1918-1938) and the establishing of a sovereign Czech Republic in 1993.

Slovaks and Czechs believe Polish food is of inferior quality

The Slovak Spectator |
8 June 2018

Despite the fact that Poles evaluate goods in Polish supermarkets as better than Slovaks and Czechs do in theirs, about 70 percent of Slovaks and Czechs label Poland as the top exporter of low-quality food products. This is the result of a research project by the Slovak National Panel, based on results of a sociological survey focusing on food quality in central Europe.

Chinese capital forges a bumpy road into Europe through Czech Republic

The Slovak Spectator |
7 June 2018

The Czech Republic was chosen as a springboard for Chinese investment in Europe with politicians easing the way. What should have been a gateway for the Chinese into the European market ended with a partial hostile takeover of a Chinese firm and threats on Twitter.

Czech minister: We cannot automatically rule out extremist proposals

The Slovak Spectator |
29 May 2018

Politicians only pretend to solve citizens' problems and I cannot do this, outgoing Czech Foreign Minister Martin Stropnický tells Sme.

Nu Dance focuses on anniversaries, Czech & Slovak collaboration

The Slovak Spectator |
19 April 2018

This time around the contemporary dance festival is offering the leitmotiv of Czechoslovakia, ongoing Czech and Slovak cooperation as well as Slovak collaboration with other countries, including Canada and Slovenia.

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