Thursday, 23 May 2019

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Slovak and Czech students in London urge their peers to care about issues in their homelands

The Slovak Spectator |
8 March 2019

Interesting job offers and opportunities to make an impact at home matter for Czech and Slovak student expats.

A thousand Czechs and Slovaks sue Austria for family allowances

The Slovak Spectator |
5 February 2019

Some thousand Czechs and Slovaks working in Austria with children living abroad are suing Austria over the new rules that will significantly lower their family allowances.

Slovak actor to star in HBO Europe's Czech mini-series

The Slovak Spectator |
5 February 2019

Táňa Pauhofová will join the six-part spy drama The Sleepers. Its premiere is set for the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution.

Czech bank clients may lose up to CZK 200,000

The Slovak Spectator |
12 December 2018

Czech internet banking users may be susceptible to a new kind of cyber attack. Harmful codes are being embedded in suspicious email attachments, according to security software company Eset. The malicious BlackSwap code can change the data of the payment order and thus avoid double verification, according to Robert Šuman, head of Eset's Prague-based detection and analytics team. Similar attacks have repeatedly occurred in Poland and Spain.

Czech politician warns against non-existent disease

The Slovak Spectator |
31 October 2018

Tomio Okamura, head of the Czech SPD political party, released a video on October 4 warning people against serious diseases spreading across Europe. He says the diseases, such as the West Nile virus and Monkey plague, were brought to Europe by illegal migrants. However, Okamura's video has one major factual problem. There are no known cases of West Nile virus being transmitted from person to person and the Monkey plague does not exist.

In marriage, Czechs are no foreigners to Slovaks

The Slovak Spectator |
18 October 2018

25 years after the Czecho-Slovak breakup, people living in Czecho-Slovak marriages do not feel like they are living with a foreigner.

Czech Conrop opens new plant for production of big bags in Trebišov

The Slovak Spectator |
4 October 2018

Czech company Conrop, which produces, develops and sells flexible packaging focusing on the handling and transportation of particularly bulky and liquid materials, officially opened its new plant in Trebišov (Košice Region) on October 3.

Blog: No bubble on Slovak or Czech residential real estate market

The Slovak Spectator |
19 September 2018

The current state of the Slovak and Czech residential real estate market - what are the risks?

Afraid of math? A Czech student shows there is nothing to fear

The Slovak Spectator |
10 September 2018

Marek Liška has written textbooks in a language close to students. He now plans to introduce them to Slovak schools.

Czech television heeds viewers' call to broadcast speech by Slovak president

The Slovak Spectator |
21 August 2018

Slovak President Andrej Kiska will deliver a special speech to mark the 50th anniversary of the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Warsaw Pact troops. Czech President Miloš Zeman has not prepared a speech for this occasion and neither will he attend any commemorative event. "Mr president delivered a courageous speech when he said during the start of the normalisation process that he did not agree with the occupation," tweeted his spokesperson Jiří Ovčáček, as cited by the website.

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