Monday, 26 October 2020


Prague's Communist-era apartments get a second life

Bloomberg |
2 October 2020

Outside the picturesque city center, Prague's concrete panelák apartments solved a need for fast, modern housing in the Communist era. They're still thriving today.

Czechs pledge to keep economy running in state of emergency

Bloomberg |
1 October 2020

The Czech Republic, which has become one of Europe's epicenters for the coronavirus, won't impose business restrictions that would inflict major damage to the economy, according to Prime Minister Andrej Babis. The government approved a state of emergency on Wednesday to stem the spike in the Covid-19 infections after ranking only behind Spain in the European Union with new cases per capita over the last two weeks.

How a politician's death deepened the Czech rift with China

Bloomberg |
4 September 2020

Pressure on a Czech politician over plans to visit Taiwan grew so great that it contributed to his death, according to his family. Now his replacement has gone ahead with the trip -- widening a rift between China and what was once one of its biggest cheerleaders in the European Union.

Central bank chief slams Czech tax cut as boosting budget risks

Bloomberg |
31 August 2020

The Czech central bank chief expressed rare public criticism of the country's political leadership, saying the plan to cut personal taxes will increase pressure on a budget that's already hurting from the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.

Looking past virus chaos, Czechs signal rate hikes next year

Bloomberg |
7 August 2020

With countries around the world pledging more monetary assistance for their virus-stricken economies, a record government spending spree and resilient inflation may allow the Czech central bank to raise borrowing costs as early as next year.

Inflation binds Czechs after fast rate cuts

Bloomberg |
6 August 2020

While the coronavirus continues to crush consumer demand and prompt central bankers to vow more action to help their economies, policy makers in a country bordering the euro area see their anti-pandemic work as essentially done for now.

Virus helps Czech billionaire leader go on a spending spree

Bloomberg |
10 July 2020

The Czech Republic's billionaire prime minister is turning the coronavirus crisis into an opportunity to roll out an investment firehose he's been dreaming about since taking power. Andrej Babis has overseen one of Europe's most successful campaigns to overcome the initial wave of Covid-19. Now he's trying to pull the economy out of recession before the economic fallout risks undermining his popularity before 2021 elections.

Czech cabinet feuds over bill seen as helping tycoon premier

Bloomberg |
3 June 2020

The Czech government approved a draft law that critics say may help obscure ties between the country's billionaire prime minister and his business empire as he faces a conflict-of-interest probe. The allegations are the biggest political burden for Andrej Babis and have complicated ruling of his minority administration since he won the 2017 election.

How a bet on China's consumers is backfiring for richest Czech

Bloomberg |
1 June 2020

Petr Kellner's push into China was meant to turbo-charge one of eastern Europe's biggest fortunes. Instead, the Czech billionaire saw a listing of his consumer lender collapse, followed by a fight to contain the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. That has cost him USD 2.5 billion since January, with mounting questions about what's next for his Asian expansion.

The Prague angel offering salvation for Macy's and Foot Locker

Bloomberg |
29 May 2020

Across the U.S., sales are cratering, bankruptcies are on the rise, and unemployment has hit unprecedented levels. Yet even as the coronavirus pandemic wreaks havoc on American malls and main streets, a billionaire from Prague sees something in the wreckage: bargains.

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