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State budget may prompt higher rates

Bloomberg |
17 September 2009

A widening Czech budget deficit may prompt the central bank to raise interest rates even as the economy emerges from recession, policy maker Pavel Řezábek said.

Central banker: Czechs shouldn't rush to euro 'umbrella'

Bloomberg |
29 July 2009

Czech policy maker Mojmír Hampl warned against rushing under the "umbrella" of the euro because the central bank's monetary policies are "credible" and will help revive economic growth.

Havel says Iran's Ahmadinejad is 'a man possessed'

Bloomberg |
17 June 2009

Former President Václav Havel has described Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as a man possessed and warned he could "damage a lot of people".

Wiener Boerse Takes Control of Prague Stock Exchange

Bloomberg |
10 November 2008

Wiener Boerse bought a controlling stake in the Prague Stock Exchange, increasing its stake in the Prague exchange to 92.4% from 38%, the Vienna bourse said without giving financial details.

Havel laments as 'consumer palaces' occupy nation

Bloomberg |
19 June 2009

For Václav Havel, the leader of the 1989 "Velvet Revolution" that peacefully overthrew communism in what became the Czech Republic, the optimism of 20 years ago has given way to a troubled present.

Singer says outlook to show ‘darker’ view of economy

Bloomberg |
29 April 2009

The Czech central bank’s new macroeconomic forecast will probably reflect a “darker” picture of an economy sliding into a greater contraction than previously thought, Vice Governor Miroslav Singer said.

Fitch: East Europe’s recession to deepen, cause downgrades

Bloomberg |
17 April 2009

Emerging Europe, the region hardest hit by the global economic crisis, will see its recession deepen before the outlook improves, which may lead to credit rating downgrades in about half the countries, Fitch Ratings said.

Czech govt gets four bids for stake in Czech Airlines

Bloomberg |
24 March 2009

The Czech Finance Ministry received four bids for a majority stake in Ceske Aerolinie AS, the national airline. Air France-KLM Group, Aeroflot’s Darofan AS, Odien AV III AS and the group of Unimex and TVS placed bids for CSA, as the airline is known, the Prague-based ministry said in an e-mailed statement today. The government expects to choose a winner by 30 September.

Obama goal for Russia thaw gets trial as Clinton, Lavrov meet

Bloomberg |
6 March 2009

US President Barack Obama's plan to "reboot the relationship" with Russia after months of tension takes a step as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov discuss missile defense and other issues. Missile defense looms as a high hurdle. Obama must meet Russian concerns without alienating Polish and Czech leaders who agreed at considerable political cost to host components of the system.

ČR, Poland urge US to stick with missile shield

Bloomberg |
9 February 2009


The Czech Republic and Poland urged President Barack Obama to press ahead with plans for an anti-missile shield in Europe, saying Russia "must not have a veto" over the system.

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