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Obama goal for Russia thaw gets trial as Clinton, Lavrov meet

Bloomberg |
6 March 2009

US President Barack Obama's plan to "reboot the relationship" with Russia after months of tension takes a step as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov discuss missile defense and other issues. Missile defense looms as a high hurdle. Obama must meet Russian concerns without alienating Polish and Czech leaders who agreed at considerable political cost to host components of the system.

ČR, Poland urge US to stick with missile shield

Bloomberg |
9 February 2009


The Czech Republic and Poland urged President Barack Obama to press ahead with plans for an anti-missile shield in Europe, saying Russia "must not have a veto" over the system.

Czech Bickering May Hamper EU Anti-Recession Efforts

Bloomberg |
29 December 2008

As the Czech Republic prepares to assume European Union leadership for the first time, the nation’s two top officials are clashing over the EU’s merits - and in the process threatening to hamper its efforts to battle the economic crisis.

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