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Rate-hike hat trick turns costly Czech debt into cheap haven

Bloomberg |
1 October 2018

Thanks to its trailblazing central bank, the Czech Republic's government bonds have morphed from some of the costliest in the world to cheap haven asset.

Czech coal baron says protests are PR stunt by rival

Bloomberg |
27 September 2018

A businessman who became one of the richest in the Czech Republic a decade ago now says he's besieged by phony protesters dressed as coal miners demonstrating outside his estate in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

Czech support for EU memberships jumps countering populist wave

Bloomberg |
3 July 2018

For the first time in almost eight years, more than half of Czechs say that membership in the European Union is better than striking out on their own. A survey by the Prague-based polling company Stem showed 53% of Czechs would vote to join the EU again, compared with 45% a year ago.

Money split on bets for imminent Czech interest-rate hike

Bloomberg |
22 June 2018

Investors are intensifying pressure on the Czech central bank to raise borrowing costs next week after a string of verbal interventions failed to prop up the weaker-than-expected koruna.

Italian woes fail to deter Czech businesses embracing euro

Bloomberg |
1 June 2018

The Italian political turmoil testing the strength of the euro area isn't denting Czech businesses' enthusiasm for joining the monetary union.

Billionaire's quest for power tests strength of Czech democracy

Bloomberg |
12 April 2018

A Czech billionaire's ambition may decide whether his nation remains anchored to European democratic values or slides into the ranks of countries embracing an increasingly euroskeptic, illiberal model.

Czech tycoon earmarks USD 1.2 billion to buy Europe's old coal

Bloomberg |
16 March 2018

Czech energy magnate Pavel Tykač is ready to spend 1 billion euros of his own cash on aging coal and gas-fired power plants across Europe. He's betting the dirty generators will be needed for decades to supplement the green power that's taking a bigger role at utilities from Germany to Britain.

Czechs look to fix lost highway decades with new road boom

Bloomberg |
13 March 2018

As the European Union's richest eastern nation, the Czech Republic has pulled ahead of both new and older members in a range of economic categories. Speed of travel isn't one of them.

Czech PM backtracks on plan to win extremist party support

Bloomberg |
8 February 2018

Czech billionaire Prime Minister Andrej Babiš said he won't rely on backing from an extremist anti-Muslim party as he continues in talks to secure support for his government more than three months after winning elections.

Czech extremist party joins regional push to curb Soros NGOs

Bloomberg |
31 January 2018

A Czech anti-immigrant party accused financier George Soros of imposing "supranational governance" on the country, joining a surge of politicians calling for a crackdown on non-governmental organizations in ex-communist Europe.

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