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How a Tokyo-born outsider became the face of Czech nationalism

Bloomberg |
19 October 2017

Tomio Okamura's background is about as multicultural as you can get. The son of a Czech mother and a Japanese-Korean father, he suffered racist bullying in Japan and the Czech Republic that was so severe he developed a stutter and wet his bed until the age of 14.

An investor's guide to the Czech elections

Bloomberg |
18 October 2017

With opinion polls showing billionaire Andrej Babiš as the most likely winner of the Czech parliamentary elections this weekend, investors are looking at which of the country's stocks may benefit or lose.

ČEZ can't fund new Czech reactors on its own, minister says

Bloomberg |
4 October 2017

Czech utility ČEZ can't invest billions of dollars in new nuclear reactors without government assistance, in spite of what the nation's prospective leader says, according to the government's industry minister.

New rift opens in Czech elections over cheap foreign labor

Bloomberg |
3 October 2017

A Czech ruling party opened a new front for this month's general elections by declaring that it wants to stop bringing in cheaper labor from eastern Europe, clashing with its biggest rival in the polls who's called for more such workers.

Who likes Europe? Czechs don't—and that's a big issue in October elections

Bloomberg |
6 September 2017

Since joining the European Union 13 years ago, the Czech Republic has become the richest country in the formerly communist east, with a higher living standard than older members Portugal and Greece and the lowest unemployment in the 28-member bloc. Families travel freely, students study abroad, and businesses thrive by exporting to other EU countries. And yet Czechs are less excited than any other European nation about being part of the club.

Czech producer buffs up Bohemian glass industry with focus on design

Bloomberg |
25 August 2017

Verreum has hired international artists to breathe new life into the business.

Election favorite faces loss of immunity before vote

Bloomberg |
21 August 2017

Czech lawmakers launched a process to strip billionaire Andrej Babis of his parliamentary immunity over fraud allegations, the biggest challenge to his ambition to lead the country's next government after October elections.

'We don't want the euro', says Czech tycoon poised to be premier

Bloomberg |
26 June 2017

The Czech Republic won’t be joining the euro anytime soon, if the billionaire who’s poised to be the country’s next prime minister has anything to do with it.

Paternity leave to be available in 2018

Bloomberg |
15 June 2017

As many as 80,000 new fathers in the Czech Republic—more than 70 percent of the yearly total—are expected to take advantage of a newly established paternity leave providing seven days off work at as much as 70 percent of salary, according to a senior ministry of labor and social affairs official.

Czech prince call Soros best hope for eastern Europe democracy

Bloomberg |
18 May 2017

Eastern Europe still needs people like George Soros to prevent a slide back into the authoritarianism of the past, said Karel Schwarzenberg, a diplomat prince who's known the financier for 30 years.

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