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Radio Prague

Lots of answers to two questions

Radio Prague |
15 September 2009

There are two questions that I have been asked at least once a week for the last eleven-and-a-half years: "What do you like about the Czech Republic?" and "Don’t you miss America?"

Psycho for Kids and Baby Punk: Czech children's writing since 1989

Radio Prague |
14 September 2009

Czech post-1989 children's writing and publishing is a world where poetry, music and visual art have come to overlap with some surprising results.

New research centre to tackle problem of invasive crayfish

Radio Prague |
11 September 2009

Czech crayfish are in trouble, and a new multimillion-crown research centre is coming to their rescue.

Divus: presenting alternative art in Prague and London

Radio Prague |
10 September 2009

Originally the concept of one Czech man, Ivan Mečl, Divus has grown into something of a mini art empire. The organization has offices in Prague, London and Berlin, and a magazine called Umělec published in Czech, Spanish, English and Chinese.

Czech publishers opposed to Google's plans to digitise millions of books

Radio Prague |
9 September 2009

The Google Books Library is a huge project under which the internet giant aims to scan millions of books and make them available online.

Sculptors throw punches in row over new Wilson statue

Radio Prague |
9 September 2009

The punch-up, captured by several TV crews, centred around a rather arcane quarrel over a bust of Woodrow Wilson's head.

Prague firm keeping early 20th century design alive

Radio Prague |
7 September 2009

The company Modernista, which has a shop in the centre of Prague, deals in both original Czech furniture from the first half of the 20th century and replicas it has made under license.

Klaus: Timing of constitutional challenge 'deliberate' ploy to delay elections

Radio Prague |
4 September 2009

On Wednesday the ten most important political figures in the country stood before the TV cameras at Prague Castle and vowed that October’s early elections would go ahead as planned, after the Constitutional Court shocked the country by announcing they would be postponed.

Atmosphere in Bratislava will be crazy, says Petr Čech about the upcoming World Cup qualifiers

Radio Prague |
2 September 2009

ČR’s footballers are currently preparing for their most important match in a long time – a clash with Slovakia on Saturday that they have to win to keep alive their hopes of reaching next year’s World Cup. What are Petr Čech's thoughts on it?

Czech artist conquering the London art scene

Radio Prague |
1 September 2009

Tereza Bušková's screen-prints and films draw heavily upon her Czech origins. In October, her project 'The Spring Equinox' will be exhibited in London.

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