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Radio Prague

‘More junkies than gangsters’ – Czech rap scene explored in new film

Radio Prague |
8 December 2008

Česká RAPublika poster (Courtesy)

Česká RAPublika is a new documentary following the lives of some of the best-known names in Czech rap.

Why can’t diacritics be used in Czech internet addresses?

5 December 2008

The body which oversees the Czech internet (all sites ending .cz) is called CZ.NIC. Its young director Ondřej Filip explains the arguments against diacritics.

First theatre to stage Václav Havel's plays turns 50

Radio Prague |
4 December 2008

To mark the anniversary, Divadlo Na Zábradlí has prepared a number of special events.

Vítkovice steelworks gets a place on the European Culture Heritage List

Radio Prague |
3 December 2008

The north Moravian city of Ostrava, once known as the steel heart of Czechoslovakia, has now become the first Czech site to be included on an EU list of European Culture Heritage.

Czech firm aims to improve life for fliers with new liquid detector

Radio Prague |
3 December 2008

Prague-based company RS Dynamics has developed a portable detector of dangerous liquids that will tell the airport security people that your drink is harmless.

Broker-free property website scoops top internet award

Radio Prague |
1 December 2008

The online property website has come top of this year’s Czech internet awards. The website, which provides a forum for those buying and selling flats, cutting out the middle-man, was voted for by thousands of internet users, as well as a panel of experts.

Czechs to launch Agent Orange clean-up operation in Vietnam

Radio Prague |
28 November 2008

A team of Czech experts are currently in Vietnam to plan one of the biggest clean-up operations in the Southeast Asian country’s history.

Lisbon treaty faces further hurdles

Radio Prague |
28 November 2008

Opponents of the Lisbon Treaty have indicated they will do everything in their power to stop it from being passed.

The art of burčák-making

Radio Prague |
3 November 2008

Each year, there comes a time when Czechs enjoy the fresh, fruity and fizzy young wine known as burčák.

Bruce Bendinger – maker of new documentary about WWI Czechoslovak Legions in Russia

Radio Prague |
4 November 2008

The story of the Czechoslovak Legions in Russia is one of the most remarkable episodes of the first world war.

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