Thursday, 21 November 2019
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The fairy tale Czech town could see a big boost in tourism numbers with the mention from the popular travel publication

Life | Transitions Online

The barbed wire has vanished, but three decades on from the revolution, the "us/them" mindset still resonates with people on the Czech borderlands.

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An Asian-inspired Thanksgiving in a castle, a murder mystery, or a BBQ feast; Prague restaurants are going all out this year.

Life | Brno Daily

Every year at the end of November, Brno comes alive with the magic of Christmas. Here you can find all the information you need to enjoy the festive winter months.

Cinema | Prague TV

The 5th edition of the Bardzo fajný festival will come with the best of Polish cinematography between 22nd and 24th of November at Bio Oko in Letná.

Arts | Prague Daily Monitor

PragArtworks is launching the fifth annual pop-up art exhibition at Palmovka, at the old Engineering factory Horak a Hlava. The old factory has been converted into a gallery of modern art, with entrance free of charge to the public.

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Makeup-wearing rock band Kiss is coming back to Prague, despite their previous show being billed as the last. The End of the Road World Tour will return on July 1.

Life | Radio Prague

The Deer Moat (Jelení příkop) at Prague Castle, which is currently under reconstruction, opened to the public on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution and the return of democracy to the country.

Arts | Brno Daily

The festival, which has been running since 1987, will present a series of concerts showcasing contemporary avant-garde classical compositions, to try to recreate "Big Brno" – a city which is small in size but not thinking.

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The 22nd edition of the French Film Festival runs in Prague from November 20 to 27, at Lucerna, Světozor, Edison Film Hub, and Kino 35 in the French Institute. Some films will also run in regional towns and cities.

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Film crews from BBC have wrapped episodes of the series "Great Railway Journeys" and "Getaways" in Brno, Blansko, České Budějovice, and Prague.

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17 November 1989 is one of the most important days of our modern history. And in this video, we're gonna tell you why. Welcome to the brief history of the Velvet Revolution that brought us democracy.

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Russian Film Week presents 23 new sci-fi, comedy, historical films including an adventure comedy with Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Dining | Brno Daily

The restaurant chain, which is the world leader in retail pizza delivery with over 16,500 branches in 85 countries, has chosen Brno for its first two branches on the Czech market. Its flagship Brno store will open on November 21st on Divadelní in the centre of Brno.

Life | Radio Prague

Thirty years ago Czechs took to the streets to demonstrate for freedom and democracy, for the chance to speak their mind without reprisals, to vote in free elections and shape their own future. Today they are taking stock of the country's successes and failures, of how far they have come along the road to a liberal democracy and market economy and whether the ideals of 1989 are still alive in people's hearts and minds.