Monday, 6 April 2020
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Prague City Councilor Hana Třeštíková and ticket portal GoOut have created a nationwide project to support theaters, concert halls, clubs, and artists closed due to the coronavirus outbreak. You can buy a symbolic ticket — for a non-existent show that will take place on May 1, a holiday of lovers. The event is intended primarily for cultural institutions that are private and receive most of their income from admission.

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Impacted like so many others by coronavirus-related restrictions, the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra has found a new way to reach audiences.

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The closure of schools and kindergartens, restricted movement in public and a shift to working from home (or home office) has created a new species: Homo Domesticus.

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This morning I rolled onto the terrace at 8 for a few minutes. Soon my fingers went numb and I psychologically prepared for the day. I thought to myself how I would rather sit out here and freeze rather than return to the chaos inside, but there was no choice in the matter.

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Tom Kotik is an artist and curator whose work often explores the intersection of sound and vision, as well as a musician with the band Sportsman's Paradise.

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On a narrow street in Prague's Old Town, right across from the legendary Café Montmartre, Autentista is the latest offering from wine gurus Bogdan Trojak and Antonín Suchánek, who are driving the city's wine scene.

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When one works at an office, and it comes along with an ample amount of paperwork, having his/her own affairs in order is usually treated like an unloved second job. In all my time in this country, I have only managed to file my taxes on-time once. I was on schedule to do it this year but then with all this pandemic rule easing I let it go, again.

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Painter Hana Shannon, whose works include the series Czechs Silhouettes, received classical training in Prague before settling in New York. She discusses her latest projects and how she is being affected by Covid-19.

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Three violinists, two cellists, four pianists and a harpist play superbly to an empty hall

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Moussaka, paprika chicken, and empanadas are just some of the mouthwatering meals keeping Prague locals and medical staff well fed during quarantine measures.

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I am starting to figure out why offices were invented. It is impossible to get any work done when left alone with your entire family to distract you!

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Yes, this is real. With all the restaurants and stands closed, you cannot get trdelník anywhere now. But don't you worry, we will teach you how to make one at home.

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Illustrator and author Petr Sís discusses his latest projects and more in this interview from the Czech Center New York series Artists That Never Give Up in the City That Never Sleeps.

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Currently teaching a child at home? Try this useful advice from teachers and administrators at Prague's international and public schools.

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The coronavirus pandemic is already changing our lives. Psychologists underline that the key to getting over this difficult time is to stay in touch and not to get into isolation.