Monday, 28 September 2020
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The exhibition Rembrandt: Portrait of a Man has finally opened at the Kinský Palace on Prague's Old Town Square. It runs to January 31. Overall, there are 115 works from foreign and domestic institutions and private collections.

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The St. Maurus reliquary, dating back to the early 13th century, is one of the Czech Republic's biggest treasures. The Romanesque shrine which contains the relics of four saints is considered to be the second most important historical artefact in the Czech Republic.

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The 19th annual Architecture Day runs from October 1 to 7, in over 100 cities and towns in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Despite the name, it is actually a week filled with open houses of normally inaccessible places, walking and biking tours, and lectures.

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Albert Černý found fame at a young age when his first band Charlie Straight won three Czech national Anděl music awards. In this laidback and highly entertaining chat, the musician discusses everything from his youth, the source of his highly convincing English accent and his recent discovery of the joys of Czech beer.

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Shooting has begun on a Czech miniseries called 'Slovan' set in the 7th century following the death of Samo, a Frankish merchant who founded the first recorded political entity of the Slavic people.

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The Serial Killer festival will bring nail-biting stories of murder and mystery to the big-screen in Brno, with online access available for the whole Czech Republic. The Goose on a String Theatre will host screenings from September 25-27th.

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Dr Robert Griesinger, a low-ranking Nazi official and SS Officer stationed in Prague in the final years of the Second World War, entered the life of British historian Daniel Lee quite unexpectedly. It began with an antique armchair.

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Sometimes when digging back through the decades to find "new" movies to review, a film will stand out as something so bright and marvellous that it feels like an antidote to our cynical times, with tentpole Hollywood blockbusters and cinematic universes dominating the box office. One such film is Karel Zeman's wondrous Invention for Destruction.

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Milan Kundera, whose Czech citizenship was restored last year after he had spent more than 40 years in exile, has won one of the Czech Republic's most prestigious literary awards, the Franz Kafka prize.

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From where to pick pumpkins and apples here's how to welcome autumn in the Czech Republic.

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The northern Moravian town of Kopřivnice this weekend officially launched a public collection to fund a statue of favourite son Emil Zátopek – arguably the greatest distance runner in history – in time for the 100th anniversary of his birth next September.

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An absolutely unique experience! That is the Museum of public transport in Prague, only a 10-minute walk from Prague Castle.

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Professor of Scottish Literature at Glasgow University Alan Riach takes us back to Italy in the 1920s with Karel Capek and asks, what was there then to be optimistic about? And what could we learn from this? Click here to read his article.

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The Winternitz Villa in Prague is housing an exhibition titled "No night so dark". It documents the history of a successful Czech-Jewish family, the Wels', which was almost completely wiped out during World War Two.

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Members of the Jesuit order came to Klatovy during the Thirty Years' War in the 17th Century. And they left more than just a few beautiful baroque buildings. One of their legacies is a crypt with dozens of mummified bodies of people who died in the 17th and 18th centuries.