Sunday, 21 July 2019
Life | Prague Daily Monitor

The day has come. After the success of Manifesto market at Florenc, the opening of its "sibling" in Smíchov is very much expected. It's one of the weekend events not to be missed.

Life | Prague Daily Monitor

In Prague Planetarium, they have a simulator that recreates the effect of driving on the lunar surface. Have you been? Have you tried? It might be a good way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing.

Life | Brno Daily

Gregor Mendel is not only known as a scientist – he was also a monk, a meteorologist, and many more. This year, the festival dedicated to one of the most famous Brno personalities focuses on Mendel's life as a beekeeper.

Arts | Romea

In the Czech town of Králův Dvůr at the beginning of July the first-ever Romani music festival was held on the grounds of the chateau there. Audiences were able to enjoy both modern and traditional Romani music performed by Bengas, Lendel Band, Ernest Dančo Band, Jan Bendig and others.

Arts | Radio Prague

The international multi-genre music festival Colours of Ostrava got underway on Wednesday on the outskirts of the industrial Moravian city. The biggest headliners are The Cure, on Saturday, and they will play a 2 hour, 15 minute set.

Life | Asahi Shimbun

After racking up 60,000 kilometers in 33 countries, a Czech motorcyclist has brought her long and winding journey to Japan. Dominika Gawliczkova set off from Tokigawa in June on her brand-new 125cc Honda Super Cub and will return to the town after a four- to five-month tour across the archipelago.

Life | Prague Daily Monitor

In her Search of Prague, Ileana Lobkowicz steps into Speculum Alchemiae, a maze of underground tunnels and secret passageways where gold and magic elixirs were once made.

Dining |

Kavárna co hledá jméno is famed for its Eggs Benedict, the signature dish of chef Ondřej Kynčl. Kynčl has recently opened a unique breakfast-tasting restaurant that specializes in variations on the Eggs Benedict theme.

Arts | Prague TV

Alberto Giacometti retrospective opens today at the Fair Trade Palace in Prague. It will present the works by one of the major 20th-century artists, sculptor and painter for the first time in the Czech milieu.

Life | Brno Daily

Eating food fresh off the grill at the Brno Zoo is now possible, with access to a new public grill in the area.

Arts | Radio Prague

Linguists from countries including China, Japan and France have gathered in Prague to attend the annual Susanna Roth Award, which gives young translators interested in Czech the opportunity to network and learn more about contemporary Czech literature.

Life | Prague TV

This month's get together for expats organized by Foreigners Prague and Prague TV is set to happen on Thursday, July 18th. Come to share experiences, practice Czech, drink beer and have fun!

Life | Brno Daily

Do you ever wonder about the origin of the money in your pocket? The Czech National Bank is running two long-term exhibitions in Brno about the fascinating history of the Czech currency.

Life |

World famous wax museum brand Madame Tussauds has opened a branch in Prague near Old Town Square. Visitors can see some 40 figures, and the number should grow.

Life | UniMedia

This year will be the 15th that Charles University's Jiří Vinopal has headed a famous survey mapping changes in Czech pubs and pub life. Learn how the Czech pub itself was reinvented and how the social aspect of pub life changed.