Wednesday, 18 September 2019
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Few people in the Czech Republic know that a significant chapter in the history of early Czech sound recordings was written by Czech immigrants in the United States. For several years now, Filip Šír from the National Museum in Prague has been searching for the lost recordings and the stories of the people behind them.

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September 16th is not a day that IT specialist Ivo Raisr is likely to forget in a hurry. His regular morning trip to work by bus turned into a near-disaster and he himself made the prime time news as hero-of-the-day. Police and paramedics say his level-headed action in a crisis saved many lives.

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People renting out flats in Prague via Airbnb or similar services have been storing keys in small combination safes chained to municipal light poles. The city has started removing the key safes, as attaching anything to the poles is illegal.

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Czech teachers are overloaded compared to their colleagues in other European countries, according to newly released statistics by the Pedagogical Chamber. The data shows that while the number of students in the Czech Republic is growing, the number of teachers is not — and the high number of children in the classroom is leading to widespread burnout among Czech educators.

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What are the Czechs like 30 years after the Velvet Revolution and how has the Czech Republic changed over the years? Academics in analysis for Czech Radio tried to answer this. The aim of Czech Radio’s research was to find out what is the structure of Czech society, and what social classes can be found in it.

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A Czech citizen chained himself to the monument of Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev in Prague in protest against the municipal authorities' decision to move it to a different location. The man, who arrived to the capital from the north of the country, said his views were "neither pro-Russian nor pro-American."

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The number of injuries in Prague related to electric scooters doubled in July and August compared to the same time last year. Overall the number of incidents requiring a response from Prague's emergency medical services (ZZS) dropped slightly.

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A new exit closer to Old Town Square may open on the Staroměstská stop of Prague's Metro A line. An entrance leading to what is now called náměstí Franze Kafky was part of the original concept, but never built. With the planned renovation of nearby Mariánské náměstí into a pedestrian zone, the idea of a new exit nearby is again being discussed.

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A new medical study from the First Faculty of Medicine and General University Hospital in Prague in cooperation with a team from Turkish Hacettepe University is encouraging women to step into more sensible daily footwear in the name of protecting their musculoskeletal health.

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Jesuit Fr Joseph Koláček died last week. He was 90 years old. Between 1971 and 2001, he headed the Czech-language Section of Vatican Radio.

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Chief Prague State Attorney Martin Erazim has halted a four-year-long investigation into suspected EU fraud by the country's prime minister, Andrej Babiš, and members of his family. The decision may still be reversed by the country's Supreme State Attorney Pavel Zeman. Opposition politicians have said they respect the decision of the Prague State Attorney's Office to halt an investigation into the so-called Stork's Nest Affair, but expect to see the decision thoroughly justified.

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The fate of a controversial statue of Soviet Army commander Ivan Konev in Prague 6 has finally been decided. On Thursday, the local council voted in favour of moving it to a new location and replacing it with a monument to the soldiers who liberated Prague in 1945. The Russian Embassy has hit back, calling the decision outrageous.

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The Museum of Romani Culture, which is based in Brno, wants to open a Roma and Sinti Center in Prague in 2023. The cost will be about EUR 1 million, to be covered by Norway Grants. The center will offer cultural events, exhibitions and instructional programs, all of which are a condition of the grant.

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Archaeologists, excavating the site of the former WWII internment camp for Roma in Lety, have found some of the victims' graves. Those who took part in the project say that the discovery is not only the first time that graves of Roma people persecuted by the Nazis have been found in Europe, but also undisputable proof of what happened in the camp.

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The Seznam Zprávy news team is being expanded this month to include more journalists with many years of experience working for leading Czech media outlets. One is the journalist and moderator Jarmila Balážová, who is designing new formats for the news server's interviews and reportage.