Thursday, 23 May 2019
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An estimated 50,000 people attended the latest, and biggest, in a series of protests against Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš on Prague's Wenceslas Square on Tuesday evening. Demonstrators condemn his appointment of Marie Benešová as justice minister, fearing that move could influence a criminal case of alleged EU subsidy fraud involving Mr. Babiš. But how much impact can these protests actually have? That's a question for political scientist Jiří Pehe.

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Domestic appliance brand Beko released the results of a global survey that reveals a gap in children's knowledge in healthy eating compared to their knowledge and interest in football. The survey was conducted among children aged 6-10 across 18 countries. Over 70% of children could identify the number of players in a professional football team, but only one fifth knew the recommended portions of fruit or vegetables that they should eat each day.

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Fifty-thousands people filled Wenceslas Square on Tuesday to protest what they say is an attack on judicial independence that threatens to send the country down a similar route with its internationally pilloried neighbours. The event marked a fourth week of growing demonstrations since the sudden appointment of Marie Benesova as justice minister in April.

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Diplomats, military officers and experts gathered at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday to discuss energy security and future challenges facing the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance. While discussing what the alliance may be up against 70 years from now, some argued that the impacts of climate change are likely to be the main threat.

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The Czech Pirate Party hopes to ride a wave of support at home to a European Parliament breakthrough for the 'alternative' movement.

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Many of Prague's historic and architectural jewels opened to the public last weekend within the Open House Prague festival. Visitors could admire the interiors of more than 80 of the city's Gothic, Baroque and Modernist buildings as well as spaces usually inaccessible to the public such as gardens, sports stadiums and railway stations.

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A team of Czech divers and land surveyors are the first in Europe to have succeeded in scanning a flooded cave system. Using film footage from the water-filled Chýnov cave in south Bohemia, they created a detailed and accurate three-dimensional map. The main advantage of the so-called videogrammetry is its simplicity and speed.

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On May 16, Mikuláš Bek, member of the Czech Senate and outgoing rector of Masaryk University, gave the annual "Dies academicus" address, his last as rector of the institution. His recommendations included developing the international character of the university and a shake-up of how universities are funded. He stated that his wish is to see Masaryk University become a "world university".

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Radek Špicar is vice-president of the Czech Confederation of Industry. But since last year – spurred into action by the UK's Brexit vote – he has also been travelling the length and breadth of the country trying to convince ordinary Czechs of the merits of remaining in the European Union.

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The military troops will be passing through Czechia en route to other central and eastern European countries. The NATO military convoy will be escorted by the Czech Police, and the Military Police. The troops will be passing through the country between May 24 to May 30, on their way to this year's Saber Guardian.

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Charles University's Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer and subsidiary Charles University Innovations Prague hosted the 7th National Knowledge and Technology Transfer Conference in the Czech capital last week. The conference tackled key questions in the transfer of knowledge, namely how to expand the impact of studies and research beyond university walls.

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Czech scientists have come up with a way to explore flooded cave systems without having to go into them. Their solution: create a three-dimensional (3D) map of the cave.

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Various research indicates that in the Czech Republic, over 70% of men are overweight, whilst 27% of men are suffering from obesity – and these numbers are still increasing. Meanwhile, for the women, the figures are much less: 57% of women are overweight.

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Czechs are marking 15 years as EU members this month. With elections to the European Parliament only days away, the nation's prime minister, foreign minister, and one Commissioner in Brussels are voicing differing views on the benefits and responsibilities of EU membership and the challenges ahead.

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A court in the Czech Republic has handed a suspended three-year prison sentence to a soldier after finding him guilty of joining Russia-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine.