Saturday, 11 July 2020
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Both England and Scotland will no longer require a mandatory 14-day quarantine for incoming residents of the Czech Republic as of this Friday, July 10, officials from both countries have announced.

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A former Russian journalist who has been arrested on treason charges is alleged to have handed secrets to the United States via the Czech intelligence service, according to his lawyer. Ivan Safronov was detained on July 7.

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The Archbishopric of Prague has begun moving more than ten thousand historical books from its private collection to the library in the Strahov Monastery. It is hoped that this will make the publications more accessible to the public.

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Minorities living in the Czech Republic can only have a civil wedding conducted in Czech. However, that practice might soon change. The lower house of Parliament is due to debate an amendment to the law on birth registers that would allow the Slovaks, Poles, Vietnamese and other minorities living in the country to say 'I do' in their native language.

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Most of Czech Republic has emerged from the drought, though parts of northwest Bohemia still face significant drought, according to new numbers from Intersucho, which monitors the drought across Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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At least two people were killed and 24 were injured when two trains collided in the northwest of the Czech Republic near the border with Germany on Tuesday, an emergency services spokesman said. The accident occurred between Pernink, about 10 km from Germany, and Nove Hamry, in the region of spa town Karlovy Vary. Of those injured, nine had serious or severe injuries. The trains crashed less than 1 km from Pernink station, CTK reported.

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Chybik + Kristof Architects & Urban Designers have been selected as the winners of the public competition to design and build the Jihlava Multipurpose Arena. One of the largest sports and leisure complexes in the Czech Republic, the project, built on the city's existing hockey stadium, is scheduled for construction in 2021, to be completed by 2023.

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A press release issued by the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday stated that the Slovenian government has included the Czech Republic back on its list of safe countries, with the exception of the Moravian-Silesian region.

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The Czech Statistical Office (CSU) will start keeping a continuous record of the start and end of same-sex partnerships in the country, similar to how they record marriages and divorces, CSU spokesman Jan Cieslar told journalists Tuesday.

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Archaeologists are searching for the remains of Zdena Mašínová, a WWII resister whose family left a deep mark on modern Czech history. Following her death in a Communist jail, Mašínová's remains were dumped in a mass grave in Prague – and her daughter says may know where to find them.

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The campaign will provide citizens and companies with information on how to adapt to greener lifestyles and business practices, and encourages the sharing of progress and tips using the hashtag #PripravBrno, to further promote the campaign and environmentally-conscious behaviour.

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The new law is based on an EU Directive, and will hopefully empower people with knowledge of corruption being committed, for example, to come forward, without fear of retaliation from their employer.

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Four years after major tech platforms first signed up to voluntarily remove illegal hate speech, EU lawmakers are applauding their efforts and at the same time, asking the tech companies to do better. According to a report in Tech Crunch, EU lawmakers are working on a new draft of measures aimed at online liability and individual platform responsibilities. Evaluating and removing hate speech is one of those measures.

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The situation in the Moravian-Silesian region, including its town of Karviná, is stable and there is no reason to panic, Health Minister Adam Vojtěch said on Tuesday. The statement came a few days after several EU states placed the Czech Republic on their list of medium-risk countries due to the outbreak in the country's north-east.

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The Prague Transportation Company has started to phase out WiFi access in trams across the capital city, instead shifting their focus to offering WiFi in subways across Prague, according to iDnes.