Monday, 6 April 2020
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The European Union's top court ruled on Thursday that Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic had broken the law by refusing to host refugees to help ease the burden on southern EU states such as Greece and Italy after a surge in migrant arrivals from 2015. The three ex-communist nations face no immediate penalty as the relocation of tens of thousands of people agreed by the EU was only envisaged until 2017.

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A 3.5-minute video made by Petr Ludwig and Aneta Kernová encouraging other countries to don face masks, like the Czech Republic has in efforts to slow the spread of coronavirus, has been getting air time around the globe.

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The Czech Republic has decided to extend land border controls with Austria and Germany and air border controls which were set to expire on April 4, for another 20 days, as it estimates they are vital to combat the novel coronavirus crisis.

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First-grade enrollments began April 1st in the primary schools of the Czech Republic. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, however, the enrollments will be implemented without the children being present. All schools in the country have been closed as part of the state of emergency.

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The Czech government does not plan further restrictions to curb coronavirus but life in the country may only get back to normal in late May or June if the situation is under control, Prime Minister Andrej Babis said on Thursday.

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"Let's Clean Up the World, Let's Clean Up the Czech Republic" is a volunteer initiative working towards a cleaner environment in the Czech Republic and across the world. Unfortunately, the main clean-up event this year was cancelled due to coronavirus. Organizers are now encouraging volunteers to do their cleaning up by themselves, or with their families.

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A plan to use the Showpark brothel in Prague's Holešovice district to quarantine the homeless will not move forward, as the location is unsuitable. Showpark can only be used to quarantine the homeless temporarily, and only if all other suitable spots are filled.

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Face masks, disinfection gel, gloves, and other medical equipment can now be bought from special medical vending machines installed across the city of Brno on Wednesday. The machines will be regularly restocked and the products updated according to the market situation.

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The Czech Cabinet has decided to extend the state of emergency. It was first declared on March 13th for 30 days and is currently due to last until April 12th. Parliament will convene for an extraordinary meeting on Tuesday, April 7th, to discuss these and other measures.

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According to the latest figures, strict measures have markedly reduced the basic reproduction number of Covid-19 in the Czech Republic. Health officials say that if that figure remains at its current level, around 8,000 cases may be recorded in this country by the middle of April.

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How a hard-to-find piece of cloth came to symbolize shortage of medical supplies as the pandemic hit the Czech Republic.

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The number of citizenships granted in the EU has decreased in recent years. In 2018, 21% fewer new citizenships were issued across the EU than at the peak in 2016. Most of these were granted to non-EU citizens in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and Sweden. The Czech Republic registered 2,300 new citizens in 2018, or around 0.2 per 1,000 citizens – 85% less than the EU average of 1.3 new citizenships per thousand citizens.

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When face masks stocks began running low in the Czech Republic, minority communities, including the country's Roma population, were quick to respond, rallying to make fresh supplies, with the aim of slowing the spread of COVID-19.

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Dozens of households at the Chanov housing estate in Most have responded to a challenge from a local association, Aver Roma, to thank everybody who is providing aid to others during the COVID-19 epidemic and to express support for them. Illuminated hearts have been shining from their windows as part of an event called "Thank you, together we can do it!"

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Over 4,000 Czechs stranded around the world by the coronavirus crisis have been repatriated this month, many on special government planes. The latest such flight left from Chicago on Tuesday evening, taking 170 Czech citizens in difficult situations to Prague.