Thursday, 21 November 2019
Opinion | Prague Daily Monitor

Scientists are often good at spotting the problems but when it comes to large scale solutions, they might offer cures that are worse than the disease.

Opinion | Transitions Online

I didn't realize how well things had turned out until I started to reflect on the early '90s.

Opinion | The Slovak Spectator

Many older Slovaks are nostalgic of the job security and the flats they got "from the state for free" before 1989.

Opinion | Balkan Insight

When the Czech cyber security agency issued an unprecedented warning against China's telecoms giant, politicians clashed over national security. But was it anything more than political theatre?

Opinion | The Hill

There are things the Czechs themselves still can do to teach China that it doesn't hold all the cards, that retaliation can be a two-edged sword.

Opinion | Transitions Online

The USD 2.1 bn deal for PPF to buy media company CME from AT&T is a big deal for Central Europe. CME owns popular TV stations in the CR, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, and Bulgaria. But it could be a political game-changer as well, for the CR in particular.

Opinion | Transitions Online

Can a new generation of activist lawyers improve the law's battered reputation in Central Europe?

Opinion | Transitions Online

After Prague's mayor went head-to-head with the Beijing city authorities over the one-China policy, it seemed inevitable that other, already shaky, forms of cooperation between the two cities would come under pressure.

Opinion | Political Critique

October sees the death of a Czech musical icon, the collapse of a troubling educational sponsorship, and confusion about the Czech military.

Opinion | Transitions Online

Thirty years have passed since the playwright president led a revolution for all of Czechoslovakia, and yet there is no solid monument to his achievements in Slovakia.

Opinion | Transitions Online

One was a singer, the other one an actor. Their deaths this month symbolize the continuing debate over the legacy of the fall of communism.

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September sees protests in the Czech Republic and a fight over abortion in Slovakia.

Opinion | Transitions Online

A recent decision to move a communist-era statue in Prague reveals the perils of reassessing the past.

Opinion | Transitions Online

After half a decade building its reputation as a leader in analyzing and countering disinformation, the Czech Republic must consider new sources and forms of the phenomenon.

Opinion | Transitions Online

In promising to protect the prime minister from domestic prosecution, President Milos Zeman could be moving his country closer to Poland or Hungary.