Thursday, 21 November 2019
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1989 and 2019 in Prague and Beijing. From Sinopsis.

Opinion | Transitions Online

In the face of massive street demonstrations, the Czech prime minister must be hoping that the holidays bring the warm winds of apathy.

Opinion | Financial Times

EU has sticks when it comes to misuse of funds and it should use them to the full

Opinion | Transitions Online

A station whose management openly instructed reporters to put a negative slant on migration is about to join the American network's stellar international team.

Opinion | Bloomberg

The Czech Republic proposes the highest digital tax rate in Europe so far and a focus on targeted advertising.

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How the anti-corruption fight and the debt collection business opened the doors for populists and nationalists

Opinion | CU Media

Charles University lecturer and researcher at the Centre for Security Policy, Dr. Michal Smetana, talks about what is needed to counter fake news.

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Billion-dollar purchases are escalating, and not all of the added value is military-related.

Opinion | Foreign Policy

How has the Czech Republic avoided the nationalist populism tearing apart Poland and Hungary? By not taking itself too seriously.

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Despite vibrant economic growth and unemployment rates at their lowest in over two decades, there's a lot to worry about.

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Just like in the U.S. it is the president and his deeds that divide the society in the Czech Republic. The lack of leadership able to unite the nation and evoke a clear vision echoes heavily among the wealthiest Czechs. Some enter politics themselves; others buy media to get a grip on the public affairs. Karel Komárek, worth USD 3.2 billion, embraces a different approach.

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Local elections in the Czech Republic and Poland demonstrate that not all is lost.

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Having so far ignored the Czech Republic's interest in working with it, Berlin has a chance to help the country join new coalitions.

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Last weekend's Czech local elections brought a sharp turn in the political discourse towards the alt-right when even the established mainstream "conservative" parties embraced a rhetoric of hate and racism. Aside from about a million ethical quandaries, the main question is – did it work?

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Coming to terms with so many conflicting anniversaries in 2018 is even harder when national narratives and knowledge of history are lacking.