Thursday, 21 November 2019


Million Moments for Democracy promises push this Saturday

Prague Daily Monitor |
12 Nov 2019

The Million Moments for Democracy organization has promised to give PM Andrej Babiš an ultimatum during this Saturday's scheduled protests at Letná Park according to group's leader Mikuláš Minář. Minář said that Babiš should either get rid of his holding company Agroferg and media, as well as replace Justice Minister Marie Benešová, or resign from his political office. Minář went on to add that the most serious issue is Babiš' huge conflict of interest in business and politics.

Europe's populist governments have a problem: their capitals

Foreign Policy |
5 November 2019

The rise of populist, nationalist governments in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia have made these countries, the Visegrad Group, the black sheep of Europe. But their capitals—Prague, Budapest, Warsaw, and Bratislava—could offer a platform from which to challenge populism at the city level. Opposition mayors now run all four cities.

Analyst: Klaus Jr. may be "most trusted" politician but he is highly polarising figure

Radio Prague |
8 October 2019

Václav Klaus Jr. is the country's "most trusted" politician, suggests a new poll conducted by the CVVM agency. The leader of the newly-formed, right-wing oriented Tricolour achieved a 42% positive rating among respondents, putting him ahead of PM Andrej Babiš. Political scientist Jiří Pehe explains why it is Klaus Jr. is so popular.

Czech right-wing extremist and 9/11 apologist cozies up to new movement run by son of former President

1 October 2019

The stir on the nationalist scene in the Czech Republic caused by the establishment of the Trikolóra movement has also attracted attention from well-known faces on the extremist scene. Jan Kopal, the co-founder of several ultra-right groups, has been boasting of his joint photograph with Václav Klaus, Jr, the Trikolóra founder, on both Czech and Russian social media.

Poll suggests Communists would not get into lower house for first time

Radio Prague |
10 September 2019

For the first time in its history the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia has polled below the minimum 5 percent threshold necessary to get into the Chamber of Deputies. While some commentators have called this a sign that they are headed for the dustbin of history, party chairman Vojtěch Filip says that the survey, conducted by the Kantar agency in August, is unreliable. Radio Prague asked political commentator Jiří Pehe what he makes of the poll.

Prosecutor drops fraud case against Czech PM, but story not over yet

Radio Prague |
3 September 2019

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš can let out a sigh of relief, albeit a temporary one. On Monday morning, Deník N broke the story that the state attorney had halted the prosecution of Mr. Babiš for his alleged involvement in the so-called Stork's Nest affair. However, the story is far from over as the decision is yet to be approved by the prosecutor's superiors and other legal moves are possible.

New culture minister Lubomír Zaorálek: Czech culture is our best ambassador abroad

Radio Prague |
28 August 2019

President Miloš Zeman on Tuesday appointed Lubomír Zaorálek to the post of culture minister, ending a drawn-out dispute over who should manage the arts portfolio. The seasoned Social Democrat stressed the need to recognize the huge potential of the arts sphere and said he was not afraid to cross swords with the president in fulfilling his goals.

Czech president's summer power play comes to an end

EurActiv |
26 August 2019

The latest Czech government crisis is over: President Miloš Zeman will appoint Lubomír Zaorálek as the new minister of culture on Tuesday (27 August), ending a dispute over the post that almost caused a collapse of the government. However, the crisis has exposed the deteriorating state of democracy in the country.

Czech president backs new culture minister nominee

WTVB News/Reuters |
22 August 2019

Czech President Miloš Zeman on Wednesday backed the new nominee for culture minister from the junior party in the ruling coalition, defusing a political crisis that had threatened to topple the government. The Social Democrats earlier nominated Lubomír Zaorálek, a former foreign minister and lower house of parliament speaker, to head the Culture Ministry, after Zeman last week rejected their previous nominee for the post.

Czech government teeters as president schemes |
21 August 2019

The Czech coalition government is teetering on the edge of collapse after Prime Minister Andrej Babis declared he would not support a ministerial nomination made by his junior partner, the Social Democrats (CSSD).

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