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Commentary: Czech President spouts reassuring nonsense to ultra-nationalists

Romea |
19 July 2019

Czech President Miloš Zeman has distinguished himself yet again. In the greeting he gave recently to the "Freedom and Direct Democracy" (SPD) movement's program conference, he assured the members that they are not extremists, but "radicals".

Junior ruling party sets ultimatum for staying in cabinet

Bloomberg |
16 July 2019

The Social Democrats set a final condition for staying in the government, prolonging a political crisis that has brought the ruling coalition to the brink of collapse. The party said Monday it will leave the minority cabinet unless President Milos Zeman appoints their nominee for culture minister. A potential coalition breakup would be a blow for PM Andrej Babis. But the departure of his junior partner wouldn't automatically trigger early elections.

Social Democrats to decide Monday whether to quit government

US News & World Report/Reuters |
15 July 2019

Czech Social Democrats will decide on Monday whether to leave the minority government led by Prime Minister Andrej Babis due to a long-running spat over replacing one of their ministers, party chief Jan Hamacek said on Friday.

Request to remove minister may bring down Czech government

The Washington Post/AP |
12 July 2019

Czech leaders failed Thursday to resolve a dispute over a Cabinet minister that could cause the government to fall. Prime Minister Andrej Babis asked President Milos Zeman to replace his culture minister in May at the request of a partner party in his minority coalition government. Babis said after a meeting on Thursday the president remained unready to act.

Top-level meeting on government crisis brings no result

Radio Prague |
8 July 2019

President Miloš Zeman has not made any final decision concerning the replacement of Culture Minister Antonín Staněk, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš said after a meeting at Lány Chateau on Thursday. Mr Babiš and Deputy Prime Minister Jan Hamáček met with the head of state with the aim to resolve the dispute that could bring down the government.

Zdeněk Hřib: the Czech mayor who defied China

The Guardian |
4 July 2019

By refusing to expel a Taiwanese diplomat, the Prague mayor has joined the ranks of local politicians confronting contentious national policies.

Czech PM Andrej Babiš: a billionaire survivor under pressure

Financial Times |
2 July 2019

Within the space of a few days Andrej Babiš, Czech prime minister, has faced down the protests of more than 250,000 of his countrymen — the biggest unrest in 30 years of the post-Communist era — and survived a confidence vote in parliament. Here are the origins of the popular anger over Mr Babiš and the likely direction of events.

Investigation on corruption case at Brno-střed town hall brings up new name

Brno Daily |
2 July 2019

A large corruption case around allegedly manipulated public contracts at the Brno-střed Town Hall has been so far connected to Brno's entrepreneurs and former members of the ANO movement, headed by the former deputy mayor for investment, Jiří Švachula. The latest person accused is an influential ODS party politician, representative of Brno-sever district Jiří Hos.

Emergency talks expected to decide Czech government's fate on Tuesday

Radio Prague |
2 July 2019

As Europe labours under a scorching heatwave, the Czech government is feeling the heat for very different reasons. The fate of the Babiš administration, which recently survived a second no-confidence motion in Parliament since taking office, once again hangs in the balance.

Czech PM warns of snap election if coalition crumbles

Euronews/Reuters |
1 July 2019

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš said on Sunday there would be a snap election if his coalition partner goes through with threat to quit, raising the prospect of more political turmoil after weeks of street protests against his rule. Babiš told a TV debate he had already ruled out seeking the support of the far-right, anti-EU and anti-NATO Freedom and Direct Democracy party, so a new vote would be the only option.

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