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Parties clash over next Czech EU commissioner

Prague Post/ČTK |
9 May 2014

The Social Democrats have nominated former finance minister Pavel Mertlík for European commissioner, but their government partner, the ANO movement, is pushing for its European Parliament (EP) election leader Pavel Telička, who already held the post in 2004. PM Bohuslav Sobotka, ČSSD chairman, says Telička, a former lobbyist, is not a suitable candidate, while deputy PM and Finance Minister Andrej Babiš, the ANO chairman, says Mertlík does not have any Brussels experience.

Social Democrats create team of spokespeople on areas where partners hold ministries

Radio Prague |
7 May 2014

The governing Social Democrats have put together a team of spokespeople on areas in which its coalition partners ANO and the Christian Democrats hold ministries, Hospodářské noviny reported on Tuesday.

ANO increases popularity lead on other parties according to poll

Radio Prague |
5 May 2014

ANO has strengthened its lead in public support according to a separate poll released by the TNS AISA agency. Support for the party led by Andrej Babiš has climbed to 28.5% compared with the 18.5% of voting intention for the Social Democrats of PM Bohuslav Sobotka.

Poll shows just under half of population satisfied with government

Radio Prague |
5 May 2014

A poll released Sunday showed that 42% of respondents are happy with the progress of the current Czech coalition government after 100 days in office and 50% are not.

Czech government aims to reset relations with China

Radio Prague |
25 April 2014

The Czech government want to reset relations with China in an attempt to boost trade between the two countries.

Czech people's party lands in hot water over anti-immigration line |
23 April 2014

The Czech Christian Democrats' campaign for the EU elections got off to a rocky start earlier this month after it included a controversial line about immigration in its party programme.

Will Czech Republic end restrictions on foreigners' political rights?

Radio Prague |
18 April 2014

The Czech Republic is facing proceedings at the EU’s Court of Justice over restricting the political rights of EU nationals residing in the country. This goes against EU law, and although lawmakers had years to adapt Czech legislation, efforts to end the discrimination have only recently got underway.

TOP 09 seeks backing for Europe-wide media ownership rules

Radio Prague |
17 April 2014

The Czech media sector has often won international praise in the past for its freedom and independence. But some in the country are questioning whether that is still the case following the acquisitions by billionaire businessman, ANO leader, and current minister of finance, Andrej Babiš. The biggest centre-right opposition party in parliament, TOP 09, is seeking to make media ownership an issue in the upcoming European elections.

Analyst: Skirmishes between finance minister and PM not serious but combative tone won't help

Radio Prague |
8 April 2014

In recent days, the country's finance minister, Andrej Babiš, and Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka have traded words in the media over serious issues in which they fail to see eye-to-eye

Civic Democrats losing members by the hundreds

Radio Prague |
4 April 2014

The Civic Democratic Party which was forced into the opposition after its crushing defeat in October's early elections is losing members by the hundreds, the internet news site reports.

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