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Gov't to face confidence vote 7 August

Reuters |
1 August 2013

The parliament will hold a vote of confidence on 7 August in the new leftist cabinet, formed by allies of President Miloš Zeman, a parliamentary source said on Wednesday. The government led by Prime Minister Jiří Rusnok so far lacks the support needed to win the vote. Its fall would extend the central European country's political crisis, which began after the previous centre-right cabinet lost power in June.

Change of government triggers shake-up in civil service

Radio Prague |
25 July 2013

Although the Rusnok caretaker government has not yet won a vote of confidence in the lower house, a change-of-guard in the top and middle ranks of civil service administration has already been launched.

Czech ex-premier acknowledges fault in corruption scandal

The New York Times |
23 July 2013

Former Prime Minister Petr Nečas of the Czech Republic acknowledged in an interview published Monday that he had shown poor judgment and said he had planned to resign even before he became ensnared in a corruption scandal that brought down his government last month.

Biggest left wing party split ahead of confidence vote

aktuálně.cz |
22 July 2013

The left-wing ČSSD, the largest leftist party in the Czech Republic, has not decided yet how to vote in the vote of confidence scheduled for the beginning of August.

Early elections bid fails as amid clash with Zeman

Bloomberg |
19 July 2013

The Social Democrats, the parliament's largest party, failed in their attempt to initiate early elections as a split parliament argued over how to counter President Miloš Zeman's moves to shape the government.

Does Andrej Babiš have bigger political ambitions?

The Economist |
18 July 2013

As the Czech Republic's second richest man, the billionaire's recent purchase of one of the country's leading media companies combined with stated political ambitions some warn that a Czech Silvio Berlusconi may be in the making.

Czech bribery probe effectively ended

The Wall Street Journal |
18 July 2013

Czech prosecutors said Wednesday they would drop efforts to lift the parliamentary immunity of the country's ousted prime minister after a ruling by the Supreme Court effectively ended their probe into allegations of bribery involving government officials and former lawmakers. On Wednesday, the lower house voted, as expected, not to dissolve itself, a move that would have forced early elections.

Politicians mulling the possibility to limit the powers of the president

Radio Prague |
17 July 2013

Six months after the country’s first direct presidential election, many Czech politicians are already questioning the wisdom of having introduced a popular vote for the highest office in the land.

Interim cabinet's survival chances appear to grow

Radio Prague |
12 July 2013

When the freshly installed caretaker government was first mooted, it was widely assumed that it would have virtually zero chance of winning a confidence vote in the lower house. However, with the parties divided and individual MPs wavering, the prospect that the new ministers could rule for the best part of a year appears to be becoming more realistic.

Rusnok government sworn in

Radio Prague |
11 July 2013

The country's new caretaker cabinet was sworn in at Prague Castle on Wednesday, two weeks after economist Jiří Rusnok was named to head it.

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