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Charmed by Zeman, Social Democrats drop Dienstbier from leadership

Radio Prague |
19 March 2013

Social Democrats re-elected Bohuslav Sobotka as chairman to lead the country's main opposition party into next year's general election, which many expect them to win. But the congress also showed that the road to power may not be smooth.

Czech left's leader says "deadly cuts spiral" must end

Reuters |
18 March 2013

The Czech Republic's likely next prime minister says he plans to increase taxes on big firms and banks and put new emphasis on creating jobs to pull the economy out of a "deadly spiral". Bohuslav Sobotka, re-elected on Friday as chairman of the opposition Social Democrats, also reaffirmed his openness to a deal with the mostly unreformed Communists, a once unthinkable approach in the former Soviet bloc country.

Analyst: president's 'declaration of war' against certain media unfortunate

Radio Prague |
14 March 2013

A group of prominent intellectuals, including writer Ivan Klíma and journalist Bohumil Doležal, have slammed the new president for a comment on the media he made in last week's inauguration speech.

Advisor expects Zeman's presidency abroad to be 'very active'

aktuálně.cz |
13 Mar 2013

President Miloš Zeman plans to appoint senior diplomat Hynek Kmoníček as head of the foreign relations department of the president's office.

Miloš Zeman sworn in as president

Radio Prague |
11 March 2013

Miloš Zeman has become president after being sworn into office at a ceremony at Prague Castle on Friday morning.

The new man in the hrad...

The Economist |
8 March 2013

...and the old president's disappointments.

Klaus EU criticism ends as Czech leader exits castle |
7 March 2013

Václav Klaus, who refused to fly the European Union's flag above his Prague castle residence, leaves as Czech president today after a decade of criticising the 27- nation bloc.

Former candidates settle accounts

Prague Post |
1 March 2013

Winners and losers of presidential race seek to balance expenditures

Third time lucky for legalisation of prostitution?

Radio Prague |
1 March 2013

A group of MPs in the lower house are drafting a new bill on legalising prostitution – the third such attempt in recent years.

Dissident blogger Yoani Sanchez urges Czechs to keep up pressure on Cuban government

Radio Prague |
1 March 2013

Dissident blogger Yoani Sanchez arrived in the Czech Republic this week on what is her first trip abroad since Cuba's communist authorities partially lifted restrictions on travelling.

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